Blog Photographs Proving To Be Successful

We know that many of you have been increasingly using the Blog Photograph feature that ChristianBlog.Com released on March 02 2010.

We have been slowly watching it become more and more popular - which is great!

We did some comparisons of the "total blog views" for the twenty (20) blogs that were published yesterday, to compare whether having a Blog Photograph generated more views or if it did not matter.

Yesterday was a good day for doing this as there were exactly 20 blogs published - 10 with blog photographs and 10 without a blog photograph.

The 10 blogs that were published without a blog photograph were viewed a total of: 889 times

The 10 blogs that were published with a blog photograph were viewed a total of: 1002 times

That is a fractional difference of 113 - and results in a 12.7% increase of blog viewership!

We think this is really great -- not only do photographs add to the appeal of your blog, but they are clearly having a major impact on the total viewership of blogs!

Enjoy your blogging!

Rob Henson @greybear ·

When a pic is used in a comment it is a link another source, when a pic is inserted into the blog in the setup process it is an uploaded file. Is this to ensure the setup pic is not lost? If a majority of blogs begin using pictures, how will this effect server space for the future of the site? To conserve space is it possible to use links in the setup phase as well?

Love the feature and you are right it does make the blogs more readable. The more sensory input methods used the more attention it takes and the better retention there is.


D Kelley @lineman ·

I have had a question about this too, though it is pretty much the same as greybear's. I'd love to be able to use a link to an offsite photo instead of placing one on my computer, then uploading it to CB. Pretty time consuming the way it is right now.

I also am wondering how several photos in any one blog affect the download times of a blog? Is there a way to tell if there are people who begin to view a blog and leave because there are too many photos and it is taking too long to open/download? (I think that from now on I might just tell people right at the beginning that there are several photos attached and see what happens.)

Love the way this feature displays on the HOME page! Really makes an interesting reading page for all of us. Thanks!


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

It does have an impact on dial-up users as one of my friends is currently on dial-up but hopefully not for long as in next week! :mrgreen: Unfortunately she has not really been able to access CB much due to the huge increase in load time.


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thanks for the blog john. i left you a comment before about me leaning how to put up a picture.dont want to say too much now cause it's a upcoming blog title for me lol. the pic and title matching is something new for me, dont want to get stuck with the same blah blah blah titles lol.

Vanessa Hall @d2g1110 ·

My pic was removed stating I violated the new rules regarding using pic with blog.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

O.K. I know writing this will forever label me for what I am--pretty much computer illiterate but I might as well bite the bullet and say it.

I have no clue how to do any of this picture stuff. I have a few pictures on my computer and I have actually used one on a blog. I have never been to "flicker" or any other place that has pictures and would not have a clue what to do if I did go there.

Perhaps for the sake of us who are a bit slow and challenged in this area, could someone please present a simple refresher course on the step by step process needed to find, download and then upload to a blog a picture that is not on my computer already. Plus, how does one know which pictures are copyrighted and which are available. If this is already somewhere could someone remind me where.

As I say, I am ignorant when it comes to this stuff. I am just an older guy who has an ancient cell phone who doesn't text or twit or have apps or even have an account on any social networking site. With a little step by step instruction again maybe this time I will pay more attention and do what it takes to understand how to do it.

Thank you.

Rob Henson @greybear ·

hmmm...I find it totally ironic that the blog about "adding photos" to your blog to improve them, does not have one...;)


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