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Hello All,

Over the last few months we have been receiving reports that the "Blog Stats" feature within the My Blogs system was having intermediate problems.

We have finally gotten to the Bug Report and have resolved the issues that have been reported to us.

Unfortunately we had to make a decision between keeping all of the previous stats (which we began gathering on August 2, 2008) and applying a band-aid to the problem... or fixing the problem the right way, yet sacrificing over 1.9 million rows worth of stats.

Like problems in our own live, it is often better to just do away with the problem in our live all together and move on with a new perspective from life, rather than walk around with a band-aid over part of our spiritual life.

So we have done away with the 1.93 million rows worth of existing stats and have rewrote the entire Blog Stats System. We are bummed about this as you may be... so we are going to see how much work it would be to merge the old stats with the new stats, but we won't make any promises. Porting nearly 2-million rows worth of data is a huge amount of work and a lot of risk of tainting our new system.

On the front-end everything will work the same as always (that is, before it broke) so give your Blogs a few days, maybe a few weeks, and everybody should start to see some good numbers within their Blog Stats again.

We have now done away with the pop-up window that displayed the stats, and instead clicking the stats icon will direct you to a page with the stats graphic plus additional statistical details. As we are able to rebuild our database of stats we will expand on the features provided.

We welcome feedback and suggestions of other statistical data that our members might be interested in knowing about their Blog Entries so feel free to share your suggestions.


Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

Thank you for "fixing" this feature. It helps so much to be able to see how our blogs are being viewed.

For those not familiar with this feature, you can find your "blog stats" by clicking the "My Blogs" icon at the top of this page. On that page, in the far right column you will see "Stats". This will update each time your blog is viewed.

Note that these numbers will not correspond to the number of views in the column next to the blog title or on the bottom of the blog page. Duplicate views by the same member are not counted in the latter. Some interesting things you can learn from the "Stats" column are the number of members and visitors who view your blog as well as the number of times your blog has been found by a search engine or search bot. A really nice addition is that at the bottom of the stats page (click on the "Stats for your blog to see) is a listing of the search engines such as Twitter and Google that have found your blog. Great for "social networking" ande knowing how your blog is being found. This info may halp you in generating your Blog Titles.

Another great addition in the "Stats" column is a total of the views recorded in the "Stats" column (beginning 12/10/09). I was amazed to see how many of my older blogs have been viewed just today when I thought they were just shelved away, never to be seen again.

Since this feature has been messed up for some time, it is really a good thing that the old stats are erased, they'd lost their meaning anyway.

OK, this is a great feature and it took a great deal of work and thought to implement. But it is only one, and a rather minor one at that, of the changes that have taken place here at CB. Although the staff here at CB working on such things is a bit smaller than say... FaceBook, Twitter or Google... they do an amazing job! Hats off to the entire staff!

For those who don't know, that huge staff consists of... John B. Abela and... and... well, it's John! He does rely in suggestions and feedback from the rest of us... but when changes are made here, John is the man!

Simply GREAT WORK, John. My heartfelt thanks!

Shalom, Art

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Hello All,

I took some time today to do some further work on the Blog Stats page.

I have hopefully cleaned it up a bit. This includes a new section at the top of the stats page that gives you an overview of the basic stats for the blog (total views, total comments, published data, blog category, etc)

I have tried to clean up the code a little bit for the "Blog Viewers" [i](which shows what type of people/bots are viewing your blog)[/i] so it performs a little faster.

I have also added a nice new graphic under a section called "Daily Views" that will show the daily page views in a bar-graph for the given month. It is heavy on the javascript [i](a type of internet programming language)[/i] so if you have javascript turned off it may not work. Please let me know if it does not display for you and you have not turned off JavaScript within your browser [i](or use things like the Firefox noscript - which is evil in my opinion because 99% of the websites on the internet use/require javascript these days. if you do no use noscript and it does not work go cry somewhere else... you'll get no pity from me for things not working)[/i]

I also attempted to better explain the "Offsite Referrals" section. I have also added a few more "spammers" to check for as it seems new referral spammers are pop'ing up every day. This alone could account for a full time position (sigh) so please do not expect the referral spam list to grow very often on our end. Please note that the "Offsite Referrals" did not get reset yesterday. These will continue to go back to when we first started tracking Offsite Referrals on 07/18/2009 at 4:39:28am.

I welcome suggestions for additional type of stats or tracking anybody might want to have access to.

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

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