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Hello Christian Bloggers,

One of the long term projects that we want to introduce to the CB website in 2016 is internationalize of linguistics, so that Christians from around the world can natively read the CB website.

This will involve a large amount of work within the software, as well as a large amount of volunteer work by individuals willing to help convert the English word list to their own native language.

The goal is to start with three different languages:

  1. en-us (american english)
  2. en-gb (british english)
  3. fr-ca (canadian french)

These three languages make up approximately 92% of our global audience in 2015, so we are going to start with those languages that are most prevalent.

It is our hope by the end of 2016 to have that number go from three to ten or twelve.

If you know any of the three above listed languages well enough to help with english->native translations, and would be interested in assisting, please join our new private group, "CB Lang".

Work on linguistic translations will not begin until early 2016 but we would like to start conversation/dialogs with those willing to help us.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

A wonderful idea but pray for the resources to carry this project through.


Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Unless you have a Qu©becois lined up, I can offer French French, which is absolutely understandable both to Canadians as well as the French speakers in Europe and Africa. After all, you have a bigger French speaking population in Europe and Africa than Canada. There is precious little difference in the formal written language - see for example https://www.talkinfrench.com/canadian-french-difference/

However, you would need to sort out the issues with accents -   § © ª « ¨ ® ¯ ´ - to make a go of it.

My only concern is, that French won't translate too easily with a word list / word bank - it will read poorly, like a machine translation in that case. PM me - I will do a good job.

Can also offer British English. Being a Brit.


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