CB News: Updates To Blog Comments, Group Notifications, And Website Growth!

Hello Everybody,

A few small updates to the website from last night occurred and we wanted to let everybody know.


We have put into place a "x# of published Blog Entries required before you can publish a Blog Comment with a website link within it" restriction that the owner of ChristianBlog.Com spoke up within the New Requirement: 5 Blog Entries Required Before Offsite Linking Blog Entry.

A popular method of people spamming websites is to join a website and rather than post blog entries, they just spam existing blog entries with comments that contain website links.

To counter that, we have now put into place a forced requirement that people must publish at least three (3) blog entries with no website links, before they can publish blog comments with website links.

And, our existing restriction requirement that people must publish at least five (5) blog entries with no website links, before they can publish blog entries with website links, is still in place.

We chose to go with three (3) blog entries rather than five (5) blog entries, for allowing Blog Comments, because most spammers are not going to go through the effort of posting that much content, just to be able to spam. And, if they are that willing, chances are we will detect their activities and terminate their account before they get away with their illegal activities.


At this time we have also put into place Blog Comment Length Limitations, identical to how published Blog Entries have a length-limitation.

This change will prevent spammers from posting blog comments with tens of thousands of words.

While we have never had this happen, but better to be safe than sorry.

You can see the Length Limitations on our Membership Chart page.


Group Notifications...

We have heard from a lot of people that they would like to be notified when a new comment has been posted within a Group they are apart of. We here at ChristianBlog.Com take a great interest in hearing what people think about ChristianBlog.Com when it comes to new features or features they feel are bad... and we have gotten a rather large amount of folks saying they want to get notified when somebody posts a new comment to a Group they are apart of.

Mr. Abela (the owner of the website) had originally designed such a feature into the blueprints of the CB Groups a few years ago when he was developing the blueprints for the Groups section of ChristianBlog.Com, however they were later removed because it was felt that it would cause a possible overload of notifications being sent out on really big Groups.

Imagine if you will, that you are a member of a CB Group that has 5,000+ members, and which has an active membership within the Group of 10% of its total members, which would be 500 people. Those 500 people each post at least one message within the Group on a weekly basis. Of those 500 people, 10% of them (50 people) post a message to the Group on at least a daily basis.

With these numbers in mind, that would mean that 5,000 people are getting in excessive of 850 notification PER WEEK and nearly 3,500 notifications PER MONTH. That's a lot of notifications! We are pretty sure that nobody wants to have to deal with deleting over three thousands private messages or emails a month, just for a single CB Group!

Sure, at this time ChristianBlog.Com does not have any Groups with 5,000 people within it, but CB Groups is still in its infancy stages and given time we expect to see Groups in excessive of that number of members. We have heard of Groups at other popular social websites that have over 3,000,000 members apart of a single Group!

So, how we do handle that kind of massive notifications for Group comments?

This is a question we've been talking about in-house for the last two weeks.

So far we have only two ideas on our whiteboard... and neither of them are all that good in the scope of trying to solve the desire by our users to get notifications, and the desire to not flood people with notifications.

Thus we are going to ask our members for some feedback on this. ChristianBlog.Com needs YOUR ideas! We need YOUR thoughts - YOUR suggestions - YOUR 'out there ideas' - YOUR 'hmmmms' even!

If you have an idea that might solve this kind of a solution we would love to hear about it.

Group Notification is going to play a major part is the overall success and failure of Groups growth and we want to make sure we put into place a solid system that will cater perfectly to as many people as we can!


Lastly just a bit of an exciting bit of news!

ChristianBlog.Com has now had 5 consecutive months where we have had one million (1,000,000) confirmed pageviews each month!

For the last three months it has been just over 1.1 million pageviews each month! Wow!

Thank you,

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Thanks for the update...

note that the link to the member chart in the text above "You can see the Length Limitations on our [b]Membership Chart[/b] page." is a dead link.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I'm one of those "voices" about the comment notification within groups. Initially, I'd thought something like subscribing to a group (sort of like how we track blogs) might be good but I can see how that might not be desirable for everyone or work for all groups.

One of my groups which is a private group focuses on providing support and encouragement tp one another. Notification would be beneficial in our case. Currently, we have a "manual notification system" which is called K :princess: along with the help of other members. Right now, it's only seven members and as it is a private group I can ensure that people are willing to be on my friends list so I can send these messages. This is doable at this point but it could easily get more difficult to manage. I've also made sure everyone knows they don't get notifications. I've asked those who don't wish to receive notifications to let me know. So far, no one has and I've sent out more than a few! Of course, in our case it is a private group of people and most (but not all) of them have interacted here at CB quite a bit, already would pm each other, etc so these means we're probably more receptive toward these personal notifications than some groups may be.

I sure hope a wiser more knowledgeable head than mine has a better idea.

K :princess:

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

In our friends page we have category's for

Would it be possible to out a group category?
Then when sending a bulletin send it only to the people in that group rather then everyone in friends list.

This would not go through our off site e-mail but would have a yellow bar at the top of pages stating you have a bulletin. It would be for those who own a group.

I am not a technical person and do not know if that is even possible to do this but am offering it as a suggestion.

:coffee: cats cats cats

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@KraftyKatz),

I am not sure I understand the [u]reason[/u] for this suggestion.

A major reason for having Groups is to help people congregate together within a central location.

The idea of sending Bulletins or Private Messages out to everybody in a specific Group is in exactly conflict with the whole idea of Groups in the first place.

Groups are intended to have people visit them so the members can disseminate information out to others about whatever the Group is about.

I'm wondering why we should add a feature that would defeat the purpose of Groups.

So, if you could please expand on the [i]reason[/i] you feel we should create a section in the Friends/Contacts system for Groups, perhaps I can understand why we'd do something that conflicts with the purpose of the Groups system itself.

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·


I realized what you are saying after I made the suggestion.

Not all ideas are good ones. This one was not. I do feel bad at wasting your time.

:coffee: needs to spend a little more time thinking

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