CB Turns 11

Greetings Christian Bloggers!

This weekend the ChristianBlog.Com ministry turns 11 years old!

One or two of you have been around almost the entire time, while others have blessed us by joining some other time along the way.

Thank you to all who have stayed around to be blessed and to bless others!

We wanted to highlight a few news events that have happened over the last year.

  • The loss of far too many departing our presence and going to be with the Lord. This is always the sad yet joyous part of becoming friends with others.
  • An entirely new Community section to replace the previous wall and prayer sections of the website.
  • Our own custom designed chatroom to replace the aging and insecure previous chatroom (plus private chat for our PRO/PLUS bloggers!)
  • Earlier today we have turned on a new blog editor, the tool used to publish blogs. This new blog editor has been a few months in the work. We hope everybody finds it to be very easy to use. It should be much friendlier for those who use mobile devices too.

These may seem like small things but the consumed the vast majority of the entire year to build and implement them, and along the way we updated the template/design to be significantly more mobile/tablet friendly.

Financially the ChristianBlog.Com ministry has come very close to being out of the red/negative for the year, not including any salary for the owner John B. Abela (@abelajohnb)

Our membership numbers are down, as many know. This was expected to happen when we announced back on January 26 2016 that the website would become an "invitation only" website. This was a very hard decision but one looking back was a wise decision. We are happy to announce that on January 01, 2017 the website will be once again open to the public.

To all of those who have given of their time and finances to help keep the ChristianBlog.Com ministry going another year, thank you!

We are very much looking forward to a blessed and wonderful 2017 as we move into the 12th year of the ChristianBlog.Com ministry being online!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I haven't been around since the beginning but I think I may rank up there as one of those members who has been continuously active for a very long time, though in my case it has only been a mere nine years.

I have seen my share of changes to this site. Over the years I have laughed, cried and simply done life with members of this community. I have seen people come and go and yet one thing has remained the same. It has remained for me a place where I bless others and be blessed.

You wrote: "The loss of far too many departing our presence and going to be with the Lord. This is always the sad yet joyous part of becoming friends with others."

Yes, it is and yet it is worth it.

I also know that there has been great sacrifices made to keep this site running, not just financially but in regards to time as well. I can only say that God sees it all and will reward accordingly.

Blessings and Happy Birthday, CB!

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Thanks John. Truly appreciate and value the time I am spending being part of this community. This site is a place where we write our learning, interestingly God is teaching us many things by the very task of holding this site. The site by itself holds His message as valued as the contents inside the site.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

CB really has become part of my everyday life.

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Glad to see CB is still on its feet and walking well in service to the Lord and His people. Blessings to you John and all those who keep the clock wound. It has truely been a labor of love to the CB community and a few of us who only drop by a few time, but love to catch up incognito.
Blessing in the coming year to the CB staff!

Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Thanks John for this website, and all you do. Deepa N commented that this website was a place where we "write our learning", and that was/is very true for me also. Christianblog helped me share what Christ had done for me, and share of the many life lessons that He has helped me through. Many of my friends here have commented on my lack of blogging in the last couple of years, but that is because the Lord is keeping me busy in other areas right now, and... because I have not been so prideful and stubborn, which lead to so many of those "life lessons" in the first place! -So in a nutshell, not having so much to write about! Thank you Lord!

But I love this website, and I truly believe that through the life lessons we read about, and write about, we encourage and uplift others. I am proud to support this website, and will continue to so even if I never write another blog. -Bless you John!

Shadowalker (Best known to my friends as! lol)

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