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Hello All,

So, I have spent the last two days trying to write-up a nice little blog about the fact that I have just released this years update to the Blog Creation System. Each year I try to update the forms and process... and it was time for the 2009 update.

Each time I tried to write up this News Announcement, I ended up walking away from it. So, rather than let it sit another day I just decided it is time to get it out to the CB Community and let all of you discover all the new little things.

Here are the highlights though:

Pretty BBCode Images.

Blog Title Availability.

Blog Words Used.

Blog Characters Left.

Blog Autosave. (every 20 seconds we now save your blog encase your browser or computer crashes! if such happens just head to your "My Blogs" page!)

Blog Message box expand (you can now drag the message window to be larger or smaller).

Edit Your Blog Title AFTER You Initial Pick One.

Set As Featured Blog (if your permissions allow).

Selective Twitter Notifications.

Home Page Excerpt (which shows the snippet which would be displayed on the home/recent pages)

Blog Tags (now you can define your own blog tags!)

Blog License (allows you to use a pre-selected in-line License or one of your own)

Blog Category Change (allows you to change the category you originally selected).

Ok, those are 13 of the bigger features I added. The rest I will let everybody discover together!

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

William Stephens @eschator83 ·

Wow!! That's a great list. Many thanks, we appreciate all you do.

Sara Reckling @oneofhisown ·

This sounds like a great update for CB. I have often had problems with losing all of my blog only minutes before submitting it due to internet or computer problems. I have to say the auto-save feature will be my favorite!

Thank you for everything you do for this site and community!


Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


I've already had opportunity to use this new system and like it a lot. And adding the auto save will prevent a lot of frustration.

From testing the new system, I know how much work went into it. Amazing work, John! THANKS!

This is a new system, with many new features and a different look. I found it easy to navigate. But since it is new, if you encounter any problems, let John know asap.

Shalom, Art

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I really loved this new system when I tried it out earlier. Thanks John!

K :princess:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

I am very glad to hear that many of you are liking the new efforts.

One of the items I forgot to mention is that I also took this opportunity to [b]greatly increase[/b] the security of the blog creation process when it comes to profanity.

ChristianBlog.Com has always had a method of filtering out profanity but it was time to really step-up and begin to take aggressive actions against those who do so.

In the past we took a rather complicated approach: We had multiple levels of profanity. Some words were outright not allowed, Some words could be used but only sparingly. Once people begin to figure out the mathmatical process we were using it began to be abused.

What we are doing now:

We now have to levels of profanity enforcement:

(1) On the most aggressive level - We have a list of word/phrases of what we call "Suspendable Words" - if they are ever used your account will be suspended. They are the most offensive words and would never be used unless they were clearly intended to be used. IF they are used your account will be automatically suspended. When your account is suspended you are logged out of the website, all of your blogs, comments, photos, everything you have ever posted at ChristianBlog.Com will be removed from the public. Your account will be reviewed by ChristianBlog.Com within 24 hours to determine if your suspended account should be un-suspended (we do realize there are times of "un-intended sin" (or "mistake" in this case) or if your account should be fully terminated.

(2) On the less aggressive level - We have a list of word/phrases (around 200) of what we call "now-allowedable words" - if you attempt to use them within your Blog Title/Message you will receive the following message: "[i]Sorry but it appears you are using a word within your Blog Title that we consider not an appropriate word for a website such as ChristianBlog.Com so we have halted your Blog from being updated.[/i]" Your account will not be suspended but ChristianBlog.Com will be notified to investigate your account for potential abuse. You will be given the opportunity to return to page where you are typing your blog title/message and correct yourself.

At this time this new system is only in place within the Blog Creation System. The rest of the website still uses our own system. We will migrate the rest of the system over once we have been able to determine this new system is working correctly and is not suspending accounts for reasons it should not.

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

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