ChristianBlog.Com Announces a new Polling Feature!

Hello Everybody,

With it being Thanksgiving here in the USA we thought this would be a great time to publicly announce a new feature we have created for the ChristianBlog.Com Community!

When many of us think of ChristianBlog.Com the word "community" or "family" comes to mind and means a great deal. It was this in mind when we created our newest feature. We know that part of being a community, part of being a family, is asking others what they feel our believe about a specific topic. Often times when we get together with family members, or fellow believers in Christ, a great deal of our time is spent asking questions to each other. So, what better way of helping to build a community, such as we have here at ChristianBlog.Com, than to create a feature that allows our members to ask their fellow community members and friends what they feel about something!

So today, we are publicly announcing the release of the "ChristianBlog.Com Polling System" !

This new polling system is designed to allow folks to make the age-old "poll" that everybody is familiar with. There is a question and some possible answers. Pretty much the standard run-of-the-mill polling feature.

However, as we always like to do here at ChristianBlog.Com, we have taken it up a few notches by allowing Polls to have an on-going discussion by those who have voted!

How It Looks:

Here is how a Poll looks when you are viewing it:

As you can see we show the poll title, a brief overview of the poll (above the title), the poll answer options, the total votes each poll has received, and which poll you have voted on. Below the answers is a list of all the members who have voted for the poll.

Here is how the main Polls Listings looks:

Here is the navigation for polls:

Here is the form for adding a new poll:

Here is how the right-side navigation question looks:

Usage & Access:

Like almost all of the new features we add to the ChristianBlog.Com Services the ability to create a new poll is limited to Premier & Gold Members for the first week or two. Once a week or so has gone by we will consider allowing our entire community the ability to submit Polls.

All new polls are reviewed by ChristianBlog.Com before being added to the website - call it an Approval Process if you will - to make sure all of the polls are acceptable and within our guidelines for what is acceptable content here at the ChristianBlog.Com website.

The ability to answer a poll is open to all members of the ChristianBlog.Com website. So long as you are a registered member of ChristianBlog.Com and are logged into the website you will be able to answer any active poll.

The ability to view the results of polls are limited to those who have voted on a poll - in other words, if you want to see the results you have to share your own vote on the matter.

The ability to comment on polls is also limited to those who have voted on a poll - in other words, if you want to post a comment to the poll you have to share your own vote on the matter.

For now we have decided to allow everybody to see the Poll Comments - regardless of whether you have voted or not. This is something we will continue to do unless a majority of our membership feels we should hide the Poll Comments until a person has voted - so, voice our thoughts on this issue if it matters one way or the other to you.

To access our new polls feature simply head over to:

In Closing:

Well, it is Thanksgiving Day - so, we hope the vast majority of you are being able to spend time with your family around a table and good food. If you are alone today - you are not alone - so try to stay strong in the Lord and remember that His joy is out there and available to us at all times... and try to remember that when we are depressed and feeling down, the Lord is always there to lift us up... even if it seems unlikely, or hard, or unrealistic. Remember that there is a whole group of people here at ChristianBlog.Com praying for you and if you need some fellowship... just jump into our chatroom (hopefully somebody will be in there) and maybe you can find some lifting-up and maybe even you will be able to help lift-up somebody else!


Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

Glory to God! John, don't you rest? smell flowers, pet the cat?

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


Just went to create a poll and couldn't. On the Poll Homepage, the line for creating a poll and for accesssing the polls you own is not available, even though I am a Premier Member.


Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

this sounds like fun!!!!! I cant wait to check it out! :) Godbless

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