ChristianBlog.Com Integrates Logos Research Systems 'RefTagger'!

C-16°|F4°ChristianBlog.Com Integrates Logos Research Systems 'RefTagger'!

ChristianBlog.Com - the worlds largest Christian Blog Service Provider - is today announcing that we have integrated the growingly popular RefTagger service of Logos Research Systems, Inc..

RefTagger is an amazing tool that instantly makes all the Bible references come alive! Bible references magically turn into hyperlinks to the full text of the passage at, and even better, RefTagger brings the text right to your monitor by generating a tooltip window that pops up instantly when you hover over a Bible reference!

If you own any of the Logos Libronix software you can also have RefTagger add an icon next to each Bible reference that is hyperlinked to the passage in your Logos/Libronix software! Just click the icon and you will be automatically take to your Logos/Libronix software with the given Bible verse highlighted!

ChristianBlog.Com has tightly integrated RefTagger into a large majority of the Service we provide, and have included the ability to manage it within your "Manage Your Account" page, Section "RefTagger Settings". By default RefTagger is enabled. Should you desire to keep RefTagger enabled ChristianBlog.Com provides you the ability to select your favorite Bible translation (Currently the niv, nasb, kjv, esv, asv, msg, amp, nlt, cev, nkjv, ncv, kj21, ylt, darby, nlv, hcsb, nirv, nivuk, and the tniv are available!), along with the ability to have the Tooltip pop-up or just a link to! But we do not stop there - we also allow you the ability to enable/disable the ability to directly interface the Logos/Libronix software - and your Bible translation within your Logos/Libronix software!

ChristianBlog.Com rarely integrates third-party service such as RefTagger into our own website - in order to maintain a high level of control and maintenance of Services provided by ChristianBlog.Com - however those behind the RefTagger service have proven to us they understand what they are doing and intend to take being a Third-party Service Provider seriously and make sure it is done right! This is something we rarely encounter in todays world of third-party service providers, so as the worlds largest Christian Blog Service Provider we feel it is only right to show that ChristianBlog.Com is willing to work with fellow Christian companies and organizations that set out to do things right! We are proud to be able to say that we here at ChristianBlog.Com firmly believe that the RefTagger feature is something our members will come to regard as a mainstay feature of ChristianBlog.Com.

Thank you,

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Awesome -now I just need to figure out how to use it

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Amen to that. I haven't a clue, being of the "elderly" generation (computer illiterate) what this is; but it sounds really great!

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

:cool: Great idea!
:clap:You guys are so smart!!
Now if I can figure out how to use it.

:coffee: drinking tea

Christianblog Account @christianblog ·


[b]How does it work?[/b]

To those of you "wondering how it works", here is about the easiest answer we can think of:

Unless you [i]specifically disable[/i] this feature within your "Manage Your Account -> RefTagger Settings" options, this feature will automatically be implemented throughout most of the ChristianBlog.Com Services.

[b]What does it do?[/b]

Unless you [i]specifically disable[/i] this feature within your "Manage Your Account -> RefTagger Settings" options, this feature will automatically convert Biblical "Book Chapter:Verse(s)" into a Tooltop [i](little pop-up window, as shown in our initial blog above)[/i] which than displays the specific text of the given "Book Chapter:Verse(s)".

[b]How do you know if it is working?[/b]

If you move your mouse over this: John 3:16

A little Tooltip /popup box should show. Within it will be the text of the Biblical Passage.

Additionally you should see the Biblical Reference turn from normal black text to red text. The red text indicates it has been converted into a RefTagger Tooltip. You can mouse-over the red Biblical Text to see the Tooltip/popup, or you can click the link to be taken to an online Bible [i](a service NOT provided by ChristianBlog.Com nor the 4CM Network.)[/i]

[b]Can I can the Bible Translation?[/b]

Yes, when you are logged into ChristianBlog.Com, select the "Manage Your Account" on the right-side, then within your 'Manage Your Account' page select the "RefTagger Settings". You will be presented with six (6) options. The second option will allow you to select your favorite Bible Translation. See the original blog message above for a list of translations it can display.

[b]How do I get it to work?[/b]

In essence, you don't... Anytime you or anybody else types a Biblical Reference into their Blog Entry, Blog Comment, Open Discussions, and most other sections of the ChristianBlog.Com Services, our website should automatically convert the Biblical Reference into the RefTagger Tooltip which displays the Biblical Passage when you or anybody else mouse-overs them.

Except for those who specifically turn off this feature, or have JavaScript disabled within their browsers, our website should automatically convert most Biblical References.

[b]Help: It does not seem to be working![/b]

First check to make sure you understand how it works.

Second, make sure you have JavaScript enabled within your browser. (it is enabled by default).

Third, make sure you do not have any Advertisement-blocking services that would be blocking it.

Fourth, make sure the given Biblical Reference is actually a correct reference.

[b]Help: I typed a Biblical Reference and it does not convert it![/b]

First, follow the four steps mentioned in the above question.

Second, if that does not help... double check the fourth option. Make sure the Biblical Reference is actually a legit passage within the Bible!

Third, if that still does not work, contact Tech Support and let them know the specific area you published it and they can look into it for you.

[b]Help: I do not like it, can I disable this on everything I Publish?[/b]

The ability to enable/disable this feature throughout everything individual Publishers [i](aka: account holders / members)[/i] Publish throughout the ChristianBlog.Com Services is not yet implamented. We are a fairly large Service Provider and it was rather easy to "turn it on" but will be rather difficult to turn it off for specific Members. We are blueprinting a way to integrate such a feature into our next software update.

[b]Are there any Bible References it does not support?[/b]

To the best of our knowledge only those Biblical References within what Saint Athanasius, called [i]closed cannons[/i] ([url=]Athanasius Letter 39.6.3[/url]) when he said "Let no man add to these, neither let him take ought from these."

So expect RefTagger to only work on those within the standard Christian closed [url=]canon[/url]. Also do not expect to see any disputed, Deuterocanonical, or Apocrypha books. This is [b]not[/b] a limitation of features imposed ChristianBlog.Com but instead a service not provided by the Third-Party Service Provider that is providing the RefTagger Services.

[b]Can I change the color of the Tooltip/Pop-up?[/b]

Sorry, we here at ChristianBlog.Com sort of have a special place in our heart for the blue/white/gray color pattern.

[b]Can I force a specific Bible Translation on others?[/b]

As much as we like the idea and ability to do this - especially for highly theological publications and discussions - this is not yet a feature we can provide.

We are hoping to work with the Third-Party Company that provides the RefTagger service, in hopes of expanding a number of features, and this is one of those features that is on our "hopeful they can do" list.

We could do it from our end, but it would greatly increase the page-load-time for every page throughout ChristianBlog.Com to an unacceptable level, so we choose not to do it from our end. It will be something the Third-Party Provider will need to support from their end.

Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·


Rob Henson @greybear ·

Very cool! Love it when we get new "stuff" to play with....hats off to the code guys!


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

This is a great feature and so easy to use even a computer dummy like me figured it out the first try.
Thank you to who ever discovered this and added it.
:coffee: drinking tea

Grant Withers @bimonics ·

You have geometrically multiplied the value of this site. I love it. The Lord bless you for the quality and quantity of your labors.

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