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ChristianBlog.Com is extremely happy to announce that you can new view ChristianBlog.Com Blogs on your kindle!

The Amazon Kindle has had a feature since it first came out to be able to view popular Blog websites via your kindle device.

Earlier this morning ChristianBlog.Com was finally approved and we are happy to say that we love it!!

The way it works, as far as we can tell, is that every so often Amazon queries our website to determine if there are any new Blogs that have been published. If there are new blogs it adds them to their own index and than pushed out the new blogs to your Kindle Device. At this time we are not exactly sure how fast this takes, nor how often, but once we figure it out we will let everybody know.

For those on-the-go looking to stay up to day with ChristianBlog.Com Blogs this is a truly amazing new way to be able to do so!

It is sort of hard to be able to show you what it will look like, as the Kindle does not have a very good "screen capture" feature, but this is pretty close to what it looks like:

The Amazon Kindle:

The Amazon Kindle is one very amazing device. For anybody who loves to read it may very well be the best solution to reading since the advent of modern book publication and distribution. The ease at which it works, the shear savings in weight you have to carry around, and the savings for heavy readers is amazing.

For those of you interesting in buying a kindle you can check them at out at:

Amazon Kindle, 6" unit ($259.00)

Amazon Kindle, 9.7" unit ($489.00)

ChristianBlog.Com (Kindle Edition):

As mentioned above, the ChristianBlog.Com (Kindle Edition) is ChristianBlog.Com on your Kindle!

You are able to read the FULL TEXT of most Blog Entries Published here at ChristianBlog.Com! We say "most" because there are privacy rights we must cater to, set by individual members of ChristianBlog.Com, plus a few categories (general,relationships,prayer,testing,premier,technical support,women only,men only,teens,introductions) which do not warrant being pushed out to your Kindle Device.

The cost for the ChristianBlog.Com (Kindle Edition) to be delivered to your Kindle is $1.99 per month.

There is a free 14-day trial, during which you can cancel at any time.

ChristianBlog.Com will receive 30% of the monthly cost, for those of you wondering if ChristianBlog.Com gets any kick-back.


We know a few of you have the Kindle and we would love to hear your feedback!

Even if you only sign up for the 14-day trial and than cancel it... which we would hope you would not do... but even if you do, we would love to hear your feedback about this new extension of Services that ChristianBlog.Com is providing!

You can get it now at: ChristianBlog.Com (Kindle Edition)

Many Blessings,

Rob Henson @greybear ·

and the beat goes on... yet another remarkable step for an otherwise amazing site!

Congrats John! :headbanger:


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Another reason Kindle is on my wish list :)

Great job, John.


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

John, I had to search this up to bring it back to the fore . . . err, home page again :)

Love, love, CB on kindle. Now, who in the world is responsible for converting the text? I notice there are no hyphens or apostrophes or paragraphs, which sometimes makes it hard to read.

Also, there obviously has been a price drop. It's only 99 cents after the trial period.


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