Community Feedback: Blog Requirements Before Prayer Needs Posting

Hello CB'ers.

We would like to implement the "one blog required before posting a prayer need" rule like we use to have.

It seems CB is starting to turn into a prayer request website, with people posting prayers but never posting blogs.

While posting prayer is good and all, the mission of CB is that we are acommunity built around blogging.

We use to have this requirement and removedit due to family members of long-time CB'ers joining and needing to let us know somebody was in the hospital.

We very much understand this issue, however, that situation seems to be very few and far in between - as in, maybe two or three times in all the years we've had prayers at CB.

Whereas the amount of people posting prayers and never blogging is significantly higher in numbers and frequency and growing more each month.

So, we are going to open this up for discussion for one week and then make a decision.

Thank you.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Although I would like to say "leave the rule as it is", I follow your logic and think that it is not unreasonable to ask people to post a blog before posting a prayer request. Despite being the one mentioned who was in the hospital, that was 2009 and this is 2015 and I am not aware of any other time where a family member needed to post prayer requests. I lend my support to the idea of a blog needing to be written before posting a prayer request.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

To clarify John, does the blog need to be in regards to the situation for which prayer will be asked? Or just ensuring those posting prayer requests have done a blog before asking for prayer needs? I too support your proposal.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have followed prayer requests on CB for about as long as I have been a member and I do not recall a family member posting a prayer request except by doing so through the member's account. I know that has been done on several occasions and that was the method used recently to inform us of the death of a member as well. The minimum word limit for a blog is very low nowadays, I think it is only 25 words and my first sentence is longer than that.

As of late, this has become an issue and we certainly do not want to miss the prayer requests of active members of this community. I think the one blog rule before being allowed to post a prayer request should be put back into place.


Well it is a great thing to consider because those giving the request may also become members of CB , by reason of the caring response that they had received from others at this site so it is not a easy decision by far , but we must always consider Charity for the sake of the needs and do they outweigh the price or cost , I know that if I was just a visitor and needed prayer for something I would be devastated that I had to do anything other than ask just being honest .

Because how would it sound if someone came here looking for prayer and didn't have the time for a blog at the time and so went away empty handed , just being honest and then told everyone that site is not right and I don't recommend it to no one !

The old saying is don't let your good be evil spoken of , a lot to consider like I have said so give it all a good thought .

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Agree with Mark. If someone comes looking for prayer, I'm happy to pray for them whether or not they have blogged.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I understand where you are coming from John -but I really would hate to turn someone away or be turned away for prayer just because I hadn't written a blog.

Also what constitutes an acceptable "1 blog"?

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Above and beyond being CB members, we have to remember that we are all members of the body of Christ, and as such, it strikes me as wrong that we would make the availability of our collective prayers conditional on anything.

So shouldn't we simply leave it that those who are glad to pray for new-comers will do so, and those who prefer not to will not?

With the email notifications system for new prayer requests now being available, it would be difficult to miss a prayer request from a friend anyway - and that seems to be the only serious counter-argument.

It's true that some people may join, post a prayer request, and never be seen again ... but such is life. Someone may knock at our door in the real world and ask to use the phone (or whatever) in an emergency. We may never see them again, does that make them undeserving of our help? I think not.

Beth M @blest ·

I have always thought that we should not impose that rule. I remember when I first started here, and I couldn't get into the chatroom until I wrote my biography and a blog or something like that. Anyway, it was the first and only Communion Service we had in the chat room. I was frantic, trying to write what I had to write just to get into the chat room in time for the Service.

I do not think someone should have to write a blog first before posting a prayer request. If someone is in desperate need of prayer, that is what they need at the time. Yes, this is a blogging site, but you all know there are many members, myself being #1 on the list, who write very few blogs. Yes, this is a blogging site, but I enjoy it primarily as a fellowshipping and praying site. As you all know, it is this site, and the people on it who came to my rescue when Kirk was so desperately ill. I didn't read a blog during that entire time. But I knew people were praying. Both K and Billy B actually came here physically. Sarah posted a song that K made me listen to, which became my theme song. Pooh called me every night... K showed me all the prayers posted... etc. etc.

All this to say that although this is primarily a blogging site, it is many things to many people. (all things to all people?)

If someone needs prayer, and they come here and post a prayer request, and get responses, perhaps they will stay and become a member. If they do not, God bless them and praise God that prayers were offered.

Perhaps it could be implemented that if a person posts a prayer request and never returns, that after a prescribed amount of time, the prayer request would be deleted.

That's my 2cents worth!


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