Community Supported Technical Support

Greetings everybody,

As ChristianBlog.Com attempts to find ways to reduce our financial overhead to ease the burden on the owner of the website, we felt it would be a wise course of action to start having our members help support some of the technical support aspects of the website.

A large portion of the man-hours of operating the website involves answering a plethora of technical support questions.

When we put out a poll earlier in the year a number of our members said they would be willing to help with technical support if we were able to develop a system where they could access the tech-support questions that we receive.

Until now that was impossible - as we could not give access to our primary tech-support account.

Just activated a few minutes ago, ChristianBlog.Com is now officially announcing our "Community Supported Technical Support" system!

The ChristianBlog.Com "Community Supported Technical Support" section of our website allows our members to post questions about how to use the website - and allows other members to post answers on how to solve the issues!

Before our members post a new question, we do ask that they look through the list of existing questions, as well as our FAQ section.

Also please note that this new system is NOT for posting Bug Reports or Feature Suggestions.

At this time we are not offering any "perks" for our members who help others - but we are keeping track of those who help and intend to find some way to recognize and offer "perks" to those who help out a great deal. This may come in the way of membership advancements, free stuff (books, music, etc that we receive) or other ideas that we come up with!

We invite everybody to check out this new area at:

If you feel you know the website well enough to help others out - we would really appreciate you taking the time to do so!

For Christ's Ministry,