Content Policy Updates (September 06, 2016)

Effective today, September 06, 2016, ChristianBlog.Com has updated our Content Policy to reflect one new clause and one changed clause.

These policy changes are affective immediately and apply to all members.

If you would prefer to not accept these two policy changes you may opt to terminate your account.

Addition to Content Policy Clause:

Slander & Libel: False or malicious claims regarding any person, organization, product, belief, etc., are prohibited. Posting blatantly false information, speculations as if they are fact, intentional slander, or libel are likewise are prohibited.

Updated Content Policy Clause:

Localization: ChristianBlog.Com requires that users publish only officially recognized language content.

has been updated from:

Localization: ChristianBlog.Com requires that users publish content that only contains English (either American or Britain) language at all times (hacker lingo not allowed).

Further Information:

The new Slander & Libel has been has a future-proof-clause for if a situation arises where a member chooses to partake of such actions.

The Localization clause was changed in order to allow ChristianBlog.Com to be more openly accessible to a greater percentage of the world.

Our previous Content Policy update was on February 16, 2015, making it one year and seven months since our last Content Policy update.

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Sandy Brooks

Sounds reasonable to me.

Sarah VM

Grazie, merci, danke for the language clause. :thumbs_up: :cool: :tippinghat: