Deleting Comments In Your Blogs

Deleting Comments In Your Blog

One of the often least talked about feature of ChristianBlog.Com is the ability to delete unwanted, duplicated, spammy-feeling, or just plain flat out incoherent comments, from your Blog Entries.

While the ability to delete comments from your own blog entries has not been around for very long, it is one of the more useful features of Premier Membership.

While we try as much as possible to discourage the use of deleting comments, ChristianBlog.Com does realize there are times when, as a Blog Author, having the ability to remove a comment or two from your own Blog Entry is a helpful feature to have access too.

How It Works:

Removing a Blog Comment from one of your Blog Entries is a very simple process.

When you are looking at the Blog Comment you want to remove, look over towards the date-stamp on the right-top of the Blog Comment.

Just below it you will see a small message that says "delete this comment?"

Click on that block of text and you will be taken to the form which you will have to complete.

This form looks almost identical to our "Website Report" form and is made up of two parts.

The first part is the "Your Issue" section - of which you have to select one of eight reasons for why you have an issue with the Blog Comment.

Say for example you feel the Blog Comment is abusive in nature. In that case you would select the "Cyberbullying/Trolling/Flamming" issue. Or if you were deleting a duplicate comment you would select the "Other Issue" option.

The second part of the form is where you type out the reason for why you want to delete the comment.

This is where we recommend you be very specific about why you are removing the Blog Comment!

Remember that "usage is a privilege not a right" so we expect our Premier/Gold Members to do their part by providing us an extremely valid and acceptable reason why they are choosing to delete another members content!

Failure at this level to provide a sound and reasonable explanation is what will lead to the privilege of having access to this feature being lost.

Why are we so hard about providing a reason? Because, you are deleting something that somebody else took the time to write. Simply because you disagree with something they wrote is not sufficient grounds for you to abuse them, their thoughts, and their time. It fly's in the face of everything that makes blogging what it is.

Controlling Abuse:

ChristianBlog.Com is one of the few online Blog Service Providers that allows the ability for members to delete comments from within their blogs. We do so because we limit access to this feature to only those who are Premier or Gold Members. Otherwise it could turn into something that could be seriously abused. Of course, to say it would not, or could not, be abused by Premier or Gold Members should also be made clear, typically those members who do become Premier or Gold Members are not the type of folks who become Premier or Gold Members simply to abuse their power.

When a Blog Author (who has access to this feature of course) desires to remove a specific blog comment from one of their Blog Entries, it is not just a simple matter of "Oh, I don't like that comment, I'll just click a link and it will go away!" - Far from it!

ChristianBlog.Com forces the Blog Author to indicate to us why they are deleting the Blog Comment! When a history of abuse is detected ChristianBlog.Com denies access to being able to delete comments from the given Premier or Gold Members. We monitor Blog Comments being deleted very closely and keep a history of all activity related to the deletion of Blog Comments by each Blog Author who does so. We do this because we refuse to allow Blog Authors the right to abuse their access to this feature.

Alternative Measures:

There are three alternative measures you can take as a Blog Author.

Two of them are pro-active and one is post-active.

Account Privacy
Website Report

Without any doubt the best pro-active method of preventing unwanted comments from specific members of ChristianBlog.Com is via proper management of your "Blacklist" feature. This feature, while seen as an extreme measure for many, is unquestionably the perfect way to prevent specific members from accessing your Blogs and thus never being able to post comments to any of your blogs!

The second pro-active method is even more powerful, and that is to use the "Account Privacy" feature. This feature totally removes the ability of anybody who is not a CB Member or a CB Friend from visiting your profile and/or Blog Entries.

Lastly is the post-active method. This is for when you may not think you should out-right remove a Blog Comment. That is, you submit a Website Report and wait to see if anybody else also submits a Website Report, and eventually if enough people submit reports it will be automatically suspended for review by ChristianBlog.Com

As much as we do not want the following to sound rude or mean, there comes a time when we have to stand up and say to ourselves that we cannot allow another member to negatively affect us: There is little room for those who are bothering a member from continuing to bother them! When somebody beings to bother you, just block them from even viewing your Blogs and/or your entire profile - and get the issue done and over with, rather than sitting and having to delete each new comment they post to your Blogs, and endure continued stress they cause you.

Sure, ChristianBlog.Com is suppose to be a peaceful, uplifting and blessing. But the facts are simple. We are not all always going to get along with each other. Stop feeling bad about blocking people and just do it. If you worry about whether they are going to be offended, perhaps you can go to them via private message and politely ask them to back-off. If they do not take the hint, it is clearly time to escalate the matter by blocking them all together - at which point you should not feel the least bit guilty. These facts are hard - but simple.

Want Access But Don't Have It:

The ability to remove Blog Comments is reserved strictly to those with a Premier or Gold Membership, for the reasons already stated above.

If you presently have a free account and feel like having the ability to remove comments from your blogs, head over to our Premier Membership page and upgrade your account!

The cost is of Premier Membership is only $10.00 per month and comes with not only this feature but a whole bunch of other great features! (not to mention first access to most of the new features we add to ChristianBlog.Com!)

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thanks for the info. i pray as god moves my heart i would never have to use it. but in the real world it's nice to know that you have choices. be blessed

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