Discussions Are Back!

Greeting Christian Bloggers!

After more than a year of being offline we are very happy to announce that the Discussions section of the ChristianBlog.Com website has been brought back!

A lot has happened over the last year here at the ChristianBlog.Com website and after a lot of talking about it with a lot of different people we realized that after shutting down the vast majority of Groups, it would be nice to have a place were our members could post questions that they are needing answers too.

We just want to make one thing clear to everybody - and it is our sincere hope that everybody will understand and abide by this.

With the return of the Discussions we are really wanting to do one thing: to provide a place where people who do not know the answer to a question are able to post a question in hopes that others who might know the answer can post.

What happened last time we had the Discussions section is people were posting questions that they knew the answer to, just to try to get people talking about the issue, and that caused some rather obvious issues (such as contentious denominational-specific posts that were designed to start flame-wars).

So this time around we are going to be moderating the Discussions section in a much more aggressive manner. We fully intend to monitor every single Discussion that gets posted. We just do not have the time to do that for blogs, but we have committed to investing the time to keep a very close eye on the new Discussions section. If at any time we feel that somebody has posted a Discussion that is not a question it will be deleted. All Discussions will need to be very specific questions and to the point. If they are not they will be deleted. This is not intended to offend anybody but rather to help our members realize that ChristianBlog.Com is first-and-foremost a blogging website.

Discussions are designed to provide ChristianBlog.Com Bloggers with an area where they can post a question that is related to a Blog that they are writing or for when they get stuck on a specific issue and need answers from others.

So please just keep in mind that the newly returned Discussions section will not be intended (nor allowed to be) to be "forums" where there is a free-for-all style of discussions about 'whatever'. The reason for this is simple: ChristianBlog.Com is about blogging and not a "Christian forum" website.

Thank you and have fun with your Q&A's!


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