Display Real Name - Pledge Partners Feature Announcement

ChristianBlog.Com has recently released a new feature available to all Pledge Partners that will allow Pledge Partners the ability to choose whether the website displays their real name or their usersnames.

This feature is not yet implemented site-wide but in most of the major areas of the website it is working.

You can access this features by going to the "Account" page than under the "Pledge Partner Feature" selecting the "Usersname/Real Name Privacy" option.

We highly encourage any Pledge Partners wanting to utilize this feature to carefully read through the instructions on the settings page.

Due to the nature of internet privacy we have choosen to reserve this advanced privacy feature strictly for those that we can validate are legal adults - which is done so via being a Pledge Partners. To see all of the benefits of being a Pledge Partner please see our this chart.

Many Blessings,

Christianblog Account @christianblog ·

[quote]Especially minors[/quote]

This feature is not available to minors. Perhaps you failed to actually read the blog in details and understand how our website works.

[quote]People can find out where you live based on your real name.[/quote]

And this feature is 100% optional - if you do not want to display your real name, do not turn it on.

YOU are responsible for your privacy, not others.

[quote]This is a human right issue.[/quote]

Wait, what?

Every human being has their name publicly known by others. So all of a sudden having a name is a human rights issue?

[quote]Please explore it further before making a decision.[/quote]

ChristianBlog.Com has no need to further explore this issue. It is optional and turned off by default.

Thank you,


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