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Greetings Bloggers,

We wanted to take a moment and let all of our bloggers know that ChristianBlog.Com is still accepting donations.

We have heard from some of our long time bloggers asking if we are still accepting donations now that we have become an all paid website, and the answer to that is yes, very much so!

Donations, since the start of the ChristianBlog.Com website, eight years ago, has been the primary means of helping us cover our monthly costs.

We knew that by going to an all paid website we would not be able to generate enough funds to cover all of our monthly bills for a fair amount of time. At our current rate of growth (financially supporting bloggers) we are looking at a minimum of 15 months before we even remotely come close to our costs - as they exist today.

This still leaves the website in a negative cash flow for a foreseeable future and will continue to depend upon our bloggers willingness to come forward, above and beyond, with donations, to help us keep things operational and not putting a huge financial strain on the owner of the website.

So for those of you out there wondering: Yes, ChristianBlog.Com is still accepting, and very much in need of, your donations!

Thank you,

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