Embargoed Countries Policy (30 day enforcement notification)

C-16°|F3°Embargoed Countries Policy (30 day enforcement notification)

This is a public notification that in thirty (30) days ChristianBlog.Com will be implementing the following policy within our Global Policies.

Due to forthcoming features of ChristianBlog.Com that will require higher levels of security implementations within the software that provides the ChristianBlog.Com Services we have found it necessary to put into place this policy.

ChristianBlog.Com does realize this may adversely affect a number of existing members and future members. However as the ChristianBlog.Com Services are operated within the boundaries of the Continental United States of America we are sometimes faced with putting into place policies that do affect a percentage of our membership base.

Embargoed Countries Policy
Embargoed Countries Policy

Unless authorized by the U.S. Government, ChristianBlog.Com prohibits export and reexport of ChristianBlog.Com hardware, software, services, and technology to destinations subject to U.S. embargoes or trade sanctions.

Government policy is to deny requests for such authorization in almost all cases.

The following countries are embargoed per United States export control regulations. If exporting or transferring any ChristianBlog.Com product, partners are responsible for ensuring compete compliance with import and export law, and verifying that they do not sell to any country or individual on published embargo lists.

Myanmar (Burma) - See note below
North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

Libya and Iraq have been removed from the US list of Embargoed Countries. They are now Tier 3 Countries for hardware control purposes, and are in Country Group D:1 (Proscribed).

Special additional restrictions continue to apply to in-country transfers within Iraq of items controlled for national security purposes (e.g. high-performance systems at .75 APP and above), and for some encryption items (e.g. those classified 5A002 and 5D002).

As a matter of corporate policy, ChristianBlog.Com refrains from engaging in business with Burma. Although current U.S. regulations do not mandate complete embargo treatment, certain cities and municipalities in the US and elsewhere that are customers of ChristianBlog.Com prohibit providing hardware, software, services, and technology with those within Burma.



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