Feature Added (Gold Members Only): Personal Blog Entry Referrals

Feature Added (Gold Members Only): Personal Blog Entry Referrals

ChristianBlog.Com just released a new feature for our Gold Members called "Personal Blog Entry Referrals" which is identical to the ChristianBlog.Com Recent Referrals, except in this case the feature will only display your own Published Blog Entries.

This feature can be accessed by going to your "My Blogs" page and clicking on the "Recent Website Referrals" link.

Here is how the feature looks:

This feature is only available to members who are Gold Members.

We will try our best to ensure that the "Query" values are as accurat as possible, but please understand there are millions of websites out there and that is a lot of websites to try to keep up with ;)

We hope all of our Gold Members find this a useful new feature to help learn where your viewers are coming from when they visit your Blog Entries from outside of ChristianBlog.Com!


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