Feature Added (Premier Members): Similar Blogs I've Published

Feature Added (Premier/Gold Members Only) Similar Blogs I've Published

ChristianBlog.Com just released a new feature for our Premier/Gold Members called "Similar Blogs I've Published" which displays a list of similar Blog Entries that you have Published at the bottom of each of your Blog Entries.

This feature applies to all future and all past Blog Entries that you have Published.

The method it uses to acquire similar Blog Entries you have Published is a proprietary method we have developed, so we cannot share specifics, but the general methodology of it is that we gather all of the words from your Blog Entry, strip out a list of words we do not feel should be compared, strip out words of certain lengths, do a few other fancy things, and than do a complex comparison based on a similar method of previous Blog Entries you have Published.

If it is unable to determine any solid similar Blog Entries the entire section will not be displayed.

We hope all of our Premier/Gold Members find this a useful new feature to help drive traffic/viewers to other Blog Entries you have Published.


Rhonda Jones @blackrose65 ·

wow, you've been buzy john!... that sounds interesting tho' and if one would care to read the associated blogs, one well get a good picture of how another one thinks and believes.... good work.. now rest! Even God took a day off!

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