Feature Added: View Donation History

Hello Everybody,

We have added a new feature under the "Account" section called "View Your Donation History", which will display all of the donations to ChristianBlog.Com that you have made since April 2009 forward. From this page you can also see the total amount that you have donated to ChristianBlog.Com since April 2009.

Please note that once you reach the $500.00 (USD) mark you qualify to become a "Gold Member" - the highest level of membership at ChristianBlog.Com - so please let us know if you reach that level so we can get your account upgraded!

Eventually we will be displaying donations we receive via checks.

And, eventually, we will begin to display your Premier Membership history as well.

If you have not yet made a donation to ChristianBlog.Com and feel lead to do so, please see our Donation Page for further details!


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