Feature Announcement: Identity Monitor (Pledge Partners Only)

Identity Monitor:

ChristianBlog.Com is excited to announce a new private-based feature called "Identity Monitor" which we will be rolling out to all of our Pledge Partners starting today.

"Identity Monitor" is designed to alert you should another member of the ChristianBlog.Com website publish your usersname within content they are publishing.

This is a great way to be alerted to if others have mentioned you within a blog, open discussion, group discussion, status update, prayer request, or any other section of our website.

At this time, the roll out of this feature is limited to the publication of blogs, blog comments and open discussion comments only. We will slowly roll out this feature throughout the rest of our website in the weeks ahead.

How It Works:

They way this feature works is rather systematic in nature.

When new Content is Published we pass the Content through our filtering system. If the filter detects a usersname of somebody who has enabled this feature, it throws an Account Alert to the member who has it enabled. Simple as that.

The feature will work throughout our website (once we have it rolled out to our entire website) allowing complete identity monitor, with the exceptions listed in the below section of this announcement.

Should you have the "Identity Monitor" enabled and another member mentions your usersname within Content that they Publish, you will receive an Account Alert, just like if you have received a private message, status update, blog recommendation, etc. If you receive an Account Alert and you click on the alert you will be taken to a page where a list of "Identity Monitor" Alert notifications are listed. You will be able to view the usersname of who mentioned you, the type of Content that was used (blog, blog comment, status message, etc) and a link to the Published Content.

Where It Will Not Monitor:

There are a few exception to where the "Identity Monitor" will not "monitor".

Private Messages. The "Identity Monitor" will not be searching Private Messages, as that would be an invasion of privacy - as private messages are, well, a private conversation between two members.

Members Chatroom. Our members chatroom is typically very active and usersnames are used in general conversations throughout most conversations. It is a natural aspect of chatroom chatter to mention each others usersname. As a result, the "Identity Monitor" will not monitor the Members Chatroom.

Private Chat. All Pledge Partners have access to a one-on-one private chat feature. Like Private Messages, ChristianBlog.Com considers the "private chat" to be private and we will not include the "Identity Monitor" monitor within the Private Chat.

Pledge Partners Only:

As most of our members know, ChristianBlog.Com takes privacy very serious here. From our very advanced Personal Contact Information to the very simple things such as allowing members to select if they want their location information displayed.

However, while we take into consideration our members privacy a great deal, we have to take into consideration what is full-on "privacy" and what is "a nice additional feature".

As we have talked with some of our members, and thought about releasing this feature, we have decided that the "Identity Monitor" is an amazing privacy feature - but not something that would typically be considered a "every day privacy feature", but rather something that is "above and beyond" in a typical feature-set of website privacy features.

As a result we are limiting this feature to only those who are Pledge Partners.

Additionally, this is an "opt-in" feature. Meaning this feature will only be activated for those who specifically activate it. You can do so within the "Identity Monitor Settings" page. While we feel that many of our Pledge Partners will like this feature, some may not care if others are mentioning them throughout the website. So we will take the path of least invasion and only activate it when it is specifically activated.


Here are some screenshots of how this system looks.

Here we see what the Account Alert looks like:

Here we see what the New Alerts page looks like:

Here we see what the settings page looks like:

Here we see two possible examples of what the "Identity Monitor" looks for. In this case the "abelajohnb" would be the usersname that the "Identity Monitor" would detect and send John B. Abela (@abelajohnb) an Account Alert for.

Lastly, you can access your "Identity Monitor" settings from within your "Account" page (top of the website) than under the "Privacy" section:

In Closing:

As always we welcome feedback on this new feature!

As mentioned above, it will take some time to plug this new feature into our entire website - probably at least two weeks.

Also remember that unless you have already been informed this feature has been activated for your account, you will only be able to use this feature if you go into the settings page and enable it, and you will have to be a Pledge Partner, as explained above.

Many Blessings,