Feature Announcement: Prayer Requests "Privacy" Setting!

Hello Everybody,

We wanted to let everybody know that we have now completed one of the "Feature Suggestions" (this one) which was a request to have the ability to have it so that your Prayer Requests are not viewable by anybody who is not a member of the ChristianBlog.Com website, and logged into the website.

The additional privacy setting may not be for everybody, so by default the privacy setting will allow anybody to view your prayer request. This is ideal for when you need to post a prayer request, and than send the link to a bunch of your friends, or however it is you disseminate your prayer requests.

But, we also understand that there are times when you might want to keep your prayer requests a bit more private. This new privacy setting will make it so only those who are logged into the ChristianBlog.Com website will be able to view your prayer request.

Additionally, we have now added the Ignore List privacy feature to Prayer Request, so anybody that you have set to "ignore" will not be able to view your prayer request.

Please note that once you publish your prayer request you cannot change it's privacy setting. We have no intention of changing this decision to not allow this, so please do not expect this to change. We have made this decision and plan on sticking to it. We thought long and hard about this. (ok, truthfully, we only spent about 3-seconds thinking about it... but in those three seconds, we realized it would be totally against the greater privacy factors involved with this whole issue, if we allowed this setting to be changed)

We hope we can continue to extend our Privacy Setting throughout other aspects of our website in the future. We realize that the vast majority of our website already uses the Privacy Settings, but, we also realize that a few areas are not using it. We strive to allow you to freedom to choose what you feel is best for your own needs!


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