Feature Returning: Blog Tags

Hello Everybody,

Over the course of the week ahead we will again be rolling out "blog tags" for all new Blog Entries. We suspended this feature a few months ago when our website was encountering heavy loads from all the new growth we were having.

However with our new server just a matter of hours away, this is a feature we have decided to turn back on.

For now, as it was before, all blog tags are automatically generated by ChristianBlog.Com based upon key word popularity within your Blog Entry.

Our method of creating Blog Tags is a closely held method so we will not be releasing any details on how it works - suffice to say it is a "key word popularity" method that uses whitelists to emphasis key words we like, and blacklists to remove key words we do not like.

As has been promised we will be allowing Gold Members access to additional features, so one of the items we have added to our To-Do-List is to allow Gold Members the ability to edit/define their own Blog Tags. No expected release date on this however.

Thank you,

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