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Hello Everybody,

Category Access Based On Membership:

About two hours ago ChristianBlog.Com implemented a new/updated feature here at ChristianBlog.Com that is going to affect a large majority of our membership.

What we have done is impose restricted access on certain categories, based upon the level of membership that a member has.

Our access structure is as follows:

All Members Categories
5+ Published Blogs Categories
25+ Published Blogs Categories
Premier/Gold Members Categories

How this will work:

If you are a new member to ChristianBlog.Com (have posted under 5 blog entries) you will have access to 30 of our Blog Categories - some of them popular categories, but some of the popular categories you will not have access too.

If you are a newer member to ChristianBlog.Com (have posted more than 5 and less than 25 blog entries) you will have access to the default 30 Blog Categories PLUS 21 additional categories - most of these additional categories are categories that new members intended to post spam too try to use, so by restricting access to those categories we hope to prevent these blog spammers from performing their spamming activities.

If you are a proven member of ChristianBlog.Com (have posted more than 25 blog entries) you will have access to the default 30 Blog Categories PLUS 21 additional categories PLUS 6 more exclusive categories - most of these additional categories are categories that are either "hot topic" or "sensitive topic" categories. By limiting access to proven members who have a desire to post quality blog entries, we feel they should rightly have access to those blog entries - and still maintain a level of respect and understanding to not cause flame-wars or arguments about hot/sensitive topics.

If you are a Premier/Gold member of ChristianBlog.Com (those who have paid for advanced features - or received "The Gift of ChristianBlog.Com") you will have access to ALL of our categories! It has always been the standard procedures of ChristianBlog.Com to "give a little extra" to those that financially support ChristianBlog.Com - and this is one of the ways that we will continue to do so.

Intentional Category Abuse:

With these restrictions we imagine a few people are going to try to abuse the system by posting a Blog Entry about a topic that is outside of what the Blog Category is all about. For instance, posting a blog about Eschatology when you have not yet posted 25 blog entries.

Please be aware that this is a violation of our Content Policy and offenders may have their account terminated.

Category Suggestions:

ChristianBlog.Com is always open to new category suggestions!

In fact we have an on-going Open Discussion just for category suggestions: Suggest A New Blog Category.

We are willing to hear suggestions about all levels of our new category access structure!

Category Structure Suggestions:

ChristianBlog.Com does realize that this new change will come as a shock for many people.

We do realize that this might upset a few people.

We do realize that this might really upset a few people!

We are also open to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and even your venting.

We do ask, however, that you keep in mind that there is a reason for these changes!

We also want to invite our members to offer their suggestions (if they have any) on what categories should be within which structure hierarchy - that is, if you feel our own selection is bad ;)

Why have these changes been made?:

ChristianBlog.Com has made these changes for two purposes:

(1) To further combat spammers. We don't like spammers, we know you don't like spammers.... nobody likes spammers!

ChristianBlog.Com has about a 1:250 ratio of spam verse legitimate blog entries. So we are already doing a VERY good job of keeping the spammers away.

However, some people are just persistent or just blatantly ignore our policies. ChristianBlog.Com needs a way to be able to fight-back and take action against those type of people.

By putting into place a system where members are rewarded for their Blogging posting behaviors, we have the ability to enforce our Policies in a much better way when we have restrictions/policies in place, that when intentionally broken, we can enforce those policies and rid the ChristianBlog.Com website of those offenders.

(2) To reward those who stay committed to the website.

ChristianBlog.Com fully realizes that over the last year to two years ChristianBlog.Com has moved beyond being "just" a Blog Service Provider - and that we have become a true social website where people come to the website to do more than what the website was originally designed to do.

This change in behavior is NOT a bad thing - it is a really great an amazing thing!

None the less, ChristianBlog.Com is and always will be "about blogs"... after all, we are www.ChristianBlog.Com!

So, for those members who stay committed to using ChristianBlog.Com for blogging, we feel that providing them the ability to have access to exclusive categories that those who are not necessarily using ChristianBlog.Com for blogging.

In Closing:

As always, we pray that ChristianBlog.Com will be a website that you can visit and be blessed - and hopefully a website where you can bless a few others while you are here!

Blessings to everybody!


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