Fund-drive with a Prize! (Number 3)

Hello Everybody,

It is with great expectations that I get the honor of announcing our third round of the ChristianBlog.Com "Fund-drive with a Prize!"

Over the last few months myself and Mr. Abela have been working out the details of a new way to not only help fund ChristianBlog.Com, but also to give something back to those who donate!

Sure as everybody who has donated to ChristianBlog.Com already knows, donating is about helping keep ChristianBlog.Com ministering, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to get a prize back every now-and-then, eh!

It is with that idea in mind that we have created the "Fund-Drive with a Prize!" feature here at ChristianBlog.Com, and it really does rock!

We have been gathering together a whole room of goodies to be able to start giving away to our members who help support us! We have been asking some of our members who are authors for some of their books, musical artists for some cds, and Christian gift stores for items! What we have been able to pile up in my spare room is just amazing! (and it is all for our faithful members!)

I am personally very excited about this feature, because for the first time we can provide a three-way involvement in supporting ChristianBlog.Com!

Those people providing the items are able to help support ChristianBlog.Com!
You the members are able to help support ChristianBlog.Com!
And ChristianBlog.Com is able to support you and your daily faith with some truly awesome and cool items!

We have setup a page that explains how everything works and I'd just like to encourage all of our members to take this great opportunity to help support ChristianBlog.Com -- and maybe win a prize!

At the very heart of our "Fund-drive with a Prize" is this:

You donate a certain amount to ChristianBlog.Com and we through a certain amount of pieces of paper with your name on each one into a basket. At the end of each fund-drive we pull out one piece of paper and who ever is the lucky pick will get the item(s) shipped directly to their house! (we of course pay for the shipping).

C-16°|F3°Alright Already, What's The Prize?

For our third Fund-drive with a Prize we are offering unique gift sure to be a hit for many of our members!

This is a very unique and special set of Vermont hand-made tea bowls!

Tea bowls are properly called "Chawan" ( or more properly: 'matcha chawan' ) and are used for preparing and drinking matcha (powdered green tea) in Japanese tea ceremonies. They are a handle-less cup used for drinking regular course steeped tea. Chawan are also classified according to the type of tea that will be served in them: bowls for "thin tea" are referred to as usuchawan, and those for and "thick tea", koichawan. As you can see from the photograph above this set would be of the koichawan style.

There will be two individual Chawan included in the final prize!

Retail value for the set is $37.50 - but one lucky winner will win it for much less then that!

C-16°|F3°Sweet! How Do I Donate?

View our page, "ChristianBlog.Com Fund-drive with a Prize!" page to learn more and to donate to ChristianBlog.Com!

Donations will be taken through PayPal only, and you must be a member of ChristianBlog.Com in order to win!

C-16°|F3°Ok, I've Donated (!!) Now What??

First, Thank You!!

Second, post a reply to this blog that you've donated and if you donated $5.00, $10.00 or $20.00. (this is important to do in case we are unable to figure out which donation is for which member - paypal sometimes fails to notify us of such details)

Third, wait until November 1st, 2008 -- which is when we will announce the winner of our second Fund-drive with a Prize! winner!

Thank you all,

Darrell Dorr @gfccbrother ·

I really appreciate your web site. I have been wanting to upgrade my account, but for now I've just donated $20 for your fund drive. I pray God blesses your fund drive with every bit you need to keep this site going. GFCC Brother

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Just donated $10.00.

:coffee: drinking green tea

Christianblog Account @christianblog ·

We have extended this until November 1st, 2008 due to our inability to mail it out before then.

I (scott) am going on a short vacation and will be back the first or second of November.

Sorry for the delay... but this will give everybody more time to get in on this great opportunity to support ChristianBlog.Com and maybe win a prize!

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Hey Everybody!
I just wanted to say what a great prize the cups were that I won in Round 1. These are high-quality items, lovely, and desireable. I have to assume that all the other prizes offered will be of equal delight.

So enter now and enter often!


John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

So, I always try to buy whatever it is we are giving away, just to make sure it's not a piece of junk....

My awesome Fed Ex dude just stopped by about 15 minutes ago with my package with my own set of these cups...

I just opened them up and just HAD to share my thoughts!!

At first, I was like "wow, that's a little itty bitty thing!"

Then I was like "wow, hope I don't break this thing!"


You see, it is pretty small... to be honest. I was thinking it would be a mite-bit-bigger than what it is.

And, I was afraid I was gonna break it because it felt pretty thin as I grabbed ahold of the top of it to take it out of the packaging.


There is hope!

Once I got it out of its packaging, got it all washed up, and filled with some great Earl Grey Tea and some [url=]White Earth Maple Syrup[/url], oh man did all my bad thoughts about these cups go away!!

The feel of the cups... the texture of them... the curvature of them when you pick them up to take a sip.... man, they are exactly what I would imagine when I think of myself sitting in some exotic resort watching the sun come up over the beautiful mountains or plains of this great and blessed America!

Having sat here and just finished my first cup of tea, drinking from these wonderful tea bowls... I have only one departing thought....

As somebody who normally drinks from the ultra elitists "[amazon=B0009X6QBU]Bodum Pavina 12-Ounce Double-Wall Thermo Glasses[/amazon]"... I just have to remember that these bowls are not double-wall and they DO get hot on the outside! D'Oh! :doh:

Now to go soak my fingers in cold water for a bit....

Anyway... to whoever ends up winning these cups... your gonna LOVE these things if you are a tea lover like I am! I am pretty sure I'll never drink another cup of tea in my Bodums after experiencing tea in these Chawans!


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Even inexpensive tea bowls get hot on the outside. But I still like them.

:coffee: drinking Yogi green tea triple echinacea

Christianblog Account @christianblog ·

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in this Fund-Drive with a Prize... I had some things I needed to take care of and they hindered my internet access.

Our [url=]randomly[/url] selected winner is: [member=gfccbrother]gfccbrother[/member]

Congratz and I'll let everybody know when we get the next "Fund-Drive with a Prize!" going!

I will say this... the next one is going to be a wee-bit different then normal... the [member=abelajohnb]owner[/member] of ChristianBlog.Com scored a awesome book at a hugely reduced price so he bought a whole case of them just for us!!

I cannot tell you what it will be... but when he told me what it was, I told him he HAD to send me one :mrgreen:

It's a book every Christian man should have beside his bed, and I've been wanting to read it for awhile now. [i](ok, and maybe you gun carrying, outdoor loving, fish smelling and covered in bear blood kind of women should have it too!!)[/i]

Anyway, congratz to [member=gfccbrother]gfccbrother[/member] and see you all around when we start up the next Fund-Drive with a Prize - and thank you to everybody who has helped ChristianBlog.Com via your donations!

Thank you all,

Do not include honorifics.

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