Initial 60-day trail for long term bloggers is almost up. Need help?

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

We are only five days away from our initial 60-day trail membership from coming to its limit, which means the vast majority of our bloggers only have a few days left to become full paying members.

We would like to thank all of those who have already stepped forward and have become full paying members and thereby helped us to continue to meet the goals of ChristianBlog.Com becoming an all paid website.

As we mentioned within our All Paid Website Announcement we would be offering a limited amount of free/gifted memberships to those that are active bloggers and yet are unable to become paying members.

Free/Gifted Membership

For the past few years ChristianBlog.Com has offered a small handful of free Pledge Partner level memberships to those who had reached their limitations and wanted to continue to use the ChristianBlog.Com ministry yet were not able to financially afford to do so.

The few people who received these were mostly fixed-income/retired/disabled bloggers who simply could not find a way to give to the ChristianBlog.Com ministry. There have also been a few bloggers who have been gifted memberships which were paid for by other members of the website.

Both of these factors have played a huge part in the decisions that have been made over the last six months.

If you are one of those individuals who has received a free memberships you will continue to receive it. Please contact us so we can properly update your account. You will receive the lower tier membership so you can continue to be an active member within the website. You will continue to be able to blog, to comment on other bloggers blogs, to access the chatroom and the wall and so forth. This is the right thing to do and the Apostle Paul made it very clear in his many letters to Christian leaders to care for those in need. As a ministry, as Christians, we will do the right thing and continue to bless those who need the most blessings.

If you are one of the very few people who has received a Gift of Membership by another member paying for your membership we ask that you contact us so we can work out some details involved in your individual unique situation.

Yesterday we sent out a number of Private Messages to all the bloggers that have already contacted us about gaining access to a free/gifted membership.

For those who were not aware that this offer was available we wanted to post a reminder that a limited amount of additional free/gifted memberships are available. There are activity requirements, so this is not just a way to get a free membership and then never do anything. If you are willing to continue to be an active blogger, and there is just no way that you are able to afford our Paid Membership we invite you to visit our Free Membership Agreement page. If you feel you can agree with our requirements, we invite you to fill out the agreement form.

Many Blessings,

Do not include honorifics.

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