Introducing Private Journals

Greetings Christian Bloggers!

The start of a new year brings our first full feature new addition to the ChristianBlog.Com ministry website - a private Journal feature!

Your Journal is a very private place to write whatever happens to be on your mind - It is 100% private - only you can see your Journal entries!

Your Journal is a great way to keep a personal journal (diary) be it every hour, day, week, month, or whatever!

But your Journal can have many other uses as well, such as a way of keeping a private prayer list, or using it to help you keep track of things (such as a notes/tasks taker)

You can also use your Journal as a way of keeping track of research and ideas about blogs you want to, or currently are, writing!

Every Journal entry is encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption (governmental "top secret" level) so only you can read them!

Our PRO Membership bloggers receive early access to new features, so at this time (Jan 2017) the Journal is available to those with a PRO Membership. Sometime in Feb 2017 it will become available to both PLUS & PRO Membership bloggers! There are no plans to make the Journal available for those with free memberships at any time in the future.

We hope all our supporting bloggers will take advantage of this new feature and that it becomes as helpful to you as it has been for us during the design and testing of it. It has proven to be very helpfulas not just a personal journal for us, but for keeping a quick to-do-list, and for recording research information as we have studied different topics.

Thank you and may continued blessings as we make our way into 2017 and beyond!

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

What a great addition, John! :clap:

Thank you! :

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I just tried this, jotting down a verse and some thoughts I had about it this morning which I would like to use for an upcoming blog. I rarely type a blog on a WP document. I prefer to simply compose it on CB. However, there are times when things need to simmer a bit because I only have a half-formed idea or I just have time to jot down a few notes and need to return to it later to flesh it out more. Since the format is similar, the journal seems to be the perfect place to do that.

Yes, its a great place to journal but I appreciate that it can be used as a sort of notebook as well. Thank you!

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