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Greetings everybody,

For those of you with the new Apple iPad and who use the #1 rated news reader Pulse News Reader, we figured we would push out a fancy news feed so that you could view ChristianBlog.Com in all the beauty that the Pulse app has to offer!

So for those of who that have the iPad and use Pulse News Reader, we offer you the following "news feed" to use for your app!


To use this, click on the gear-icon (top-left) and than click on "search" and type in the above website link.

To see what it looks like full-screen check out screenshot:

When you press onto a news/blog article it looks like this:

We are rather happy with the way it has turned out.

Please note that this "fancy" news feed of ours will return ONLY those blogs which have a "blog photograph" attached to them.

Don't Care About Pretty Pictures?

If you would like to have all of the blogs that are posted, yet not have the photographs, you can use this link:


For those of you with an iPad and who use Pulse News Reader, we would love for you to give this a try and report back your thoughts!

Many Blessings,

Do not include honorifics.

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