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Greetings Christian Bloggers,

Today, March 02, 2017, ChristianBlog.Com is announcing that we are bring to an end our nearly four year old "Media" feature.

It is being replaced with our new "Photos" feature, a multi-month project that has resulted in a completely new design and interaction with the photographs that you upload.

Our new 'Photos' allows you to view significantly more information about photographs, provides much easier access to acquiring the photograph links, and includes a powerful new rotation feature to help you correctly rotate any photographs that might have gotten oriented incorrectly - a common problem today with mobile phone cameras.

Image Sizes:

We have shifted focus away from using tiny images (60 px and 80 px) and now offer a 'thumbnail' that is 180px and a 'primary' that is 600px.

We encourage all bloggers to utilize the 'primary' size photographs for use within your blogs - unless of course you really do want a tiny picture.

Our blog editor has the ability to resize pictures by adjusting the 'width/height' options, so if you do want your picture somewhere between 180px and 600px, use the primary (600px) and just adjust the size down.

If you enjoy placing a "large width, short height" photograph at the top of your blog, please try to upload your original photograph to have a max height of under 400px, then use the 'original' link, in order to have it be wider than 600px. Do be aware that ChristianBlog.Com places limitations on the width of pictures in order to allow for responsive design aspects for mobile devices.

Rotating Images:

A major part of the new 'Photos' is the ability to rotate your pictures.

As most of us use mobile devices (phones/tablets) to take pictures, and not everybody holds their cameras in the same orientation, it can often cause photographs to be rotated incorrectly.

The new 'Photos' allows you to correct these issues. And not just for future uploads, but you can go back and edit any of your existing uploaded photographs to correct their rotation/orientation.


The new 'Photos' feature now has a dedicated page for all of your images.

This details page shows your photograph, photo details such as width/height of each size, upload date, and more.

In Closing:

In addition to the above mentioned features, the new 'Photos' is now consistent with the design of our website, our new image system reduces image size for most pictures by about 85% - and does so without any noticeable lost in quality - we now display both the thumbnail and primary photos on every 'Details' page, and our next step, scheduled for mid 2017, will be displaying Exif data for any photographs that contain Exif data, scheduled for mid to late 2017 will hope to introduce photo albums where you can create individual albums and add photographs into them, and somewhere around that point in time we plan to introduce the ability to have privacy settings on all uploaded photographs and albums.

Thank you,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I can't wait to try this feature!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This worked well. I did resize my picture because I prefer to use a picture about half the size of the default. That's just my personal preference however. Thanks for making it so that we can still adjust our picture size if we want.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

nice. thanks.

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