Merry Christmas Everybody! (2009)

Greetings and merry Christmas from ChristianBlog.Com

We would like to wish everybody a most wonderful 2009 Christmas!

We know that there are folks from one end of the world to the other who are members here at ChristianBlog.Com and it has been an amazing year - a blessed year!

We pray that each and every one of our members will have a most wonderful holiday time with their family and that God will richly bless each and every person out there!

We have also put together a special (logged in) home page for everybody to have a day or two of checking-out! It is a design we are highly considering implamenting in early 2010. So, we very much welcome feedback from everybody. It is a pretty drastic change from how things are now, so spend some time playing around, clicking on things, experimenting and all that fun stuff. So far every single person who has seen it (a half-dozen or so) have expressed amazing feedback to us - but we would love to hear from all of our community!

Anyway, enough about "business"... it's Christmas and that means it is time for laughs, lots of food, and good-cheer!

Many Blessings!