Migration to a new server

Greetings Bloggers,

Earlier today, April 28, 2015, we made the migration from the server we have been using for over two years to a new server. This change was made for economical reasons.

At the present moment the website is not fully operational, probably around 80% at the moment, and it should be close to 98% by the end of week.

An important change that took place is an increase in account security. We have greatly increased the amount of protection and security of personal account information that is stored. Unfortunately this did result in requiring all bloggers having to reset/create a new password. But that is probably a good thing as folks use the same password for far too long. It is always a good idea to set a new password every few months.

We will keep this blog updated with the progress as we work through the remaining ~20% of those features not yet working.

At the moment the following features are not yet working:

  1. Groups (zero~25% percent completed) [view may 24, 10pm notes below]
  2. Chatroom (doing final testing)
  3. Notifications (about 50% 95% complete)
  4. Account Management
  5. New Member Registration (about 10% complete)
  6. Email Notifications (about 5% 98% complete)
  7. Blog Reader (still needs to have images removed for mobile users)
  8. Media / Uploads still needs to be integrated into blog publishing. (view May 01 notes below for more details!)

Along the way we also made the following changes/additions/removals:

  1. We have removed Blog Tags, they were redundant.
  2. We have added the CC0 License for blog publication.
  3. We have made the Sponsored Blogs into a full scale feature.
  4. We have started blocking words that are in violation of our Sexual Identity clause of the Content Policy. Previously we allowed them threw and issued warnings after the blog had already been published. Now we are just blocking the blog from being published. Too many people violating this policy clause - and folks who have been repeatedly warned - this drastic step is because of you folks who willing choose to violate CB policies.
  5. We have removed the 'Photic Blog' feature - it was not being used.
  6. The Blogs Management section received a massive update.
  7. The Sponsored Blogs at the top of the website has been cosmetically changed.
  8. The Contacts/Friends Section has been optimized for mobile use.
  9. The Reader has now been made available for all members!
  10. The Reader has replaced the Wall on the top most navigation - blogs are the priority at CB after all.
  11. The Blog Publishing form has received a massive update. Membership Plus bloggers now have full access to "Allow/Disallow Comments" and "Enable/Disable Public Comments" and the "Review/Approve Comments" features! These options will also be displayed for non-Plus bloggers as a teaser for features you do not have. For all bloggers we have made available the "Original Content Owner" option, previously a beta feature only enabled for randomly selected bloggers. We are now also showing the Blog Link/Slug when you create a new blog - it is taken from the Blog Subject/Title.
  12. A few small changes to the home page, profile page, and messages where also made.


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND following these two steps below:

  1. It appears that Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic words are not being allowed to be published. This was not intentional on our part and an investigation into why this is happening is under way. For now, we recommend you do not use any Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic words within your blogs.
  2. It also appears that those using MS Word andOpenOffice are having issues with their proprietary single and double quotes and dashes. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that if you use MS Word and/or OpenOffice, that after you copy-and-paste your blog from those applications into the website, that you REPLACE ALL of those three characters with standard keyboard ' " and - characters.

Note that you can resolve issue #2 by following these instructions, provided by Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (@godissogood)))))) (huge thanks!)


April 29, 10:30pm Update:

  1. Resolved issue that was not allowing the blog archive to display on the profile pages
  2. Added : wave : to the smilies/emoticon list :wave:
  3. Resolved issue of photos displaying on the Reader on mobile devices
  4. Developed an entire new system to send emails -- ugggghhhh
  5. Registration system is now working!
  6. Chatroom is now working and we are showing who is in there! (note: in the 'who is in the chatroom list'we show EVERY person in the chatroom, regardless of your Ignorelist, so you can see if somebody in your IgnoreList is in the chatroom) (note #2: you MUST register a NEW account within the chatroom itself)

April 30, 3:30am Update:

  1. Updated the "Profile Privacy" so it properly works now. Also be aware that we have removed the "nobody" option.
  2. Got the ability to remove somebody from your IgnoreList working.
  3. Got all of the "Account" finished up with the exception of "Manage Email Notifications" and "Advertisement Options" which is still scheduled to be finished.

May 01, 1:15am Update:

  1. The Media page is now working. Please note that images uploaded via the Wall over the last 72 hours may not properly display within the Media page. Also note that at this time the ability to do image rotations is not available, but it is scheduled to be finished. We have replaced the temporary "Chat" icon with the "Media" icon/link.
  2. Wall and Prayer Notifications (site, not email) are now working.

May 01, 5:30am Update:

  1. The ability to upload photos from the Blog Publishing page is now working - yeaaahhh!!!
  2. The Media page has gotten a complete rewrite and now looks and works a lot better. Click the picture or the link icon to view the image paths for different sizes of the image - this page has always existed, but it got a major interface change - it looks really nice now and has a lot more options!

May 01, 9:00pm Update:

  1. Website Notifications for private messages is now working.
  2. We have increased the amount of error reporting that takes places (on our end) and that is displayed to the blogger when a fatal error occurs when attempting to publish a blog, hopefully this helps!
  3. Email delivery is now working for new private messages and new replies to private messages. At the moment the Membership Plus setting to disable email notification is not being honoured, and even if you had it turned off you will get email notifications.Resolving thisis on our todolist.

May 03, 1:00am PST Update:

  1. The last 24 hours has been spent trying to fix bug reports we have received over the last few days. We have almost all of them resolved at this point.
  2. Additional email notifications have also been turned on. Updated the status for email notifications from 5% to 90%
  3. Slight changes to email notifications were made to help them read better and provide more information.
  4. The non-signed-in password update system has been slightly revamped to better explain how it works and how to use the newly assigned password.
  5. We have received a few reports of bloggers that pre-write their blogs in MS Word, who than paste their blogs into the website, getting error reports. The cause of this seems to be odd characters being passed from MS Word. We have made changes to try to fix this. If it happens to you please email us (support @ christianblog.com) your MS Word document so we can try to figure out what randomly odd character is causing the problem.
  6. Posting images to the Wall broke. Will hopefully have it finished when our next update takes place in a few hours.

May 04, 3:00am PST Update:

  1. WhoIsOnline should now be working.
  2. Membership Plus bloggers can now turn off advertisements if they want too.

May 06, 8:00am PST Update:

  1. Added: Additional alerts on failed sign in attempts.
  2. Added: The ability to makes most of your Media uploads into avatars from your Media page.
  3. Fixed: If you only have one unread private message, clicking on the Messages will automatically redirect you to the unread message.
  4. Fixed: The Blog Series "View" page is now respecting Membership Plus bloggers and not displaying advertisements for them.
  5. Fixed: Wording for "Who is online" now says "X bloggers online". It does (?should?) honor your IgnoreList. If not please contact us!

May 11, 2:30pm PST Update:

  1. Added: CC0 license image to blog license display.
  2. Fixed: Issue with blog replies not showing up - big oppps!!
  3. Fixed: Blog Commenting/replies should now issue email notifications.
  4. Updated: Removed all reference to blog comment/reply min/max limitations, since the introduction of the FUP. The max limitation is 2000 characters & 350 words -- significantly high enough for any blog comment.
  5. Retired: Points
  6. Retired: BibleHTMLCode

May 11, 7:15pm PST Update:

  1. Updated: Made a change to the way the chatroom displays who is in the chatroom. There is now a "check" link that you will need to click in order to see if anybody is in the chatroom. Given how inactive the chatroom is, it just seemed the wise thing to do, in order to reduce the page load time of EVERY page of the website. This will save tens of thousands of queries performed every day, and that all adds up to a faster website. A bit of an inconvenience but better for the website right now.
  2. Updated: Made numerous changes to make the Wall display a bit faster.
  3. Retired: Wall History
  4. Notes: It looks like emails where sent out for a new prayer request that was posted, so we can confirm that prayer email notifications are working.

May 13, 3:00pm PST Update:

  1. Resolved: Issue with the "Total Comments" on the Blog Management page -- reported by John Knox (@watchmanjohn)
  2. Resolved: Issue that was preventing blog replies from publishing -- reported by Barbra Lambert (Barbra Lambert (@enje25))
  3. Resolved: The individual mark-as-read on the Notifications page is now returned and working -- reported by lots of people

May 14, 1:00pm PST Update:

  1. New: You can now receive email notifications of comments to prayer needs that you have commented on. These notifications are ONby default so you will need to turn them off if you want to receive these email notifications.
  2. New: Pending Friend Invitations are now included within the Notifications list.
  3. Retired: Blog Series Photographs

May 19, 11:15pm PST Update:

  1. Resolved: An error that was causing an ellipsis to be detected as a website address (URL) -- resolution credit: K Reynolds (K Reynolds (K Reynolds (@kreynolds)))
  2. Resolved: With the exception of reserved emoticons, all smilies should now display their proper code on mouse-over -- reported by Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (@godissogood))))))
  3. Resolved: Inability to delete prayer comment -- reported by Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (@godissogood))))))
  4. Resolved: Email Notification error was being displayed when posting to the wall and prayer -- reported by Kirk M (Kirk M (@blessings2you)) and Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (@godissogood))))))
  5. Updated: Our bad word detection should now, hopefully, display what bad word is being used.

May 20, 7:00pm PST Update:

  1. Resolved: Issue that was causing the badword and sexualidentity validators to not perform properly -- reported by Kirk M (Kirk M (@blessings2you)) and Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (@godissogood))))))
  2. Resolved: Issue that did not allow wall/prayer comments to be removed -- reported by Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (Sarah Vm (@godissogood))))))

May 23, 5:15am PST Update:

  1. Updated: Further attempts to resolve character issues MS Word & OpenOffice & Apple Pages.
  2. Added: Recent Blogs with Activity is now on the (signed in) home page, after building from the ground up an entirely new way to store and display blogs for display on the home page. Initial testing is showing that there has been a 1.2 second increase in how fast the home page is loading for most members. Friends birthdays should return to the home page within the next few days.

May 24, 2:00am PST Update:

  1. New: Most of our bloggers, it seems, do not care about who is online (and even less care about the chatroom) so we have made it so that the display of these two parts of our website are no longer displayed by default. If you would like to see these two features you can update your preferences to have them displayed.
  2. New: This also applies to the Daily Bible Verse, which you can display/hide via your preferences. Like the WhoIsOnline/Chatroom, the Daily Bible Verse is hidden by default.

May 24, 10:30pm PST Update:

  1. Updated: CB Groups are now available to use again. Group Owners should be aware that Group Management is not yet available. We had the choice to delay CB Groups from being introduced until Groups Management was completed (still some time away) or to open up the Groups now without Group Management, and decided the latter was the better option.
  2. Resolved: Issue with blog comment/reply maximum lengths - reported by Dorothy Von Lehe (@revgenlink)
  3. Resolved: Blog Preview now uses same check-system as the publishing system.
  4. Resolved: Further email notification issues of blog comments.

May 25, 8:00 am PST Update:

  1. Resolved: Linking back to blog after editing a comment - reported by K Reynolds (K Reynolds (K Reynolds (@kreynolds)))
  2. Resolved: Attempt to get the "General Preferences" to actually remember their settings - reported by Barbra Lambert (Barbra Lambert (@enje25)) & K Reynolds (K Reynolds (K Reynolds (@kreynolds)))
  3. Security: Our SSL Certification was updated and installed about 24 hours ago and there seems to be no issues with it. We are utilizing a certificate that can handle both 128-bit encryption and the significantly more secure 256-bit encryption (supported by: Chrome 15+, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8, and every version of Firefox and Opera). The 256-bit level encryption may need to be manually enabled within your browser settings if you want to use this higher level security. It is considered a "Top Secret" level security by every nation in the world with an National Security Agency.

Thank you,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Thank you for all the hard work you are doing, John.

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Thanks John for all your efforts.
May God bless the work you are doing! :pray:

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

You've done a fine job, John. I am really proud of your work and am very grateful for the time and money that you have invested in this monumental undertaking to make this forum such a wonderful place.

God bless you.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

How do I change my password from the assigned long # letter password? How do I get to messages - blogs and other features ?

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Everything is looking great John and the speed on the site looks the same to me as before. Looking forward to having e-mail notifications up and working again. Thank you so much for your diligent efforts and all the work you are pouring into this site.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I had a private message today which I saw just a little bit ago and I did not get an email notification for it. I double-checked my email and there is nothing there. Do we have to reset the notifications? I just posted a blog a few minutes ago and I love the new changes with media. It worked great!

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

"Email delivery is now working for new private messages and new replies to private messages. At the moment the Membership Plus setting to disable email notification is not being honoured, and even if you had it turned off you will get email notifications.Resolving thisis on our todolist."

Hmm! Just tried to email a friend but it did not go, because I got an immediate notification that a fatal error had occurred. Wond'ring what I did wrong. (?) :doh:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thanks heaps for fixing my request.


Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Yes, mine too!

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Hey John, This is regarding your May 24 updates about seeing who's online and viewing the Daily Bible Verse, I like these two features and have
updated my preference to have them displayed; however, my Display preference will not stay. I have to make the preference every time I'm on CB. Just thought you might want to know.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

Wow! That was a fast fix! :clap: Seems to be working just fine now, John. Thank you.

:thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

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