Minor Website Updates: 03-18-2009


We have two minor announcements for today:

b We have added a new category entitled "Sermon Notes".

This new category has two purposes:

(a) To allow pastors to post any sermons notes that they have written up and feel like sharing with the world.

(b) To allow those who take notes from services they hear to post the written notes that they have taken.

We see this as a fun way to be able to allow pastors to share their thoughts and ideas with others - as well as allow those of us who hear sermons and take notes, to come to ChristianBlog.Com after their Saturday/Sunday/Wednesday/Whatever services and post the notes that they took!

Many people take notes, but what usually happens to those notes and what good do they do? Very little for most people - sadly. Well now you can get back from Church and drop a quick blog with the notes you took so they will be available to you (and anybody else of course) anytime you'd like to look them over again!

b We have removed the ability for those who have received "Gift of ChristianBlog.Com" to be able to access and use the "Featured Blogs" feature of ChristianBlog.Com.

We realized recently that it was unfair to those who have actually paid for their own Premier Membership and that the "Featured Blogs" was one of the major highlights of the Premier Membership Upgrade.

Sorry if this seems unfair to those who have received their gift but this is a business decision that we feel is in the right interest of both ChristianBlog.Com and those who support us.

This is one of two restrictions that will be placed on those who receive "Gift of ChristianBlog.Com". The second restriction will be access to the "Adult-To-Adult Exchange" feature we are planning to develop. The primary method of putting into place an "Adult to adult" verification system is via a premier membership upgrade (ie: a charge on a credit card - something a minor does not have) so there will be no legal way to validate if the person receiving the Gift is an adult or a minor, thus we will have to put into the Adult-To-Adult Exchange feature this limitation. Outside of these two items we have no other planed restrictions.

Thank you,

Erin Cochran @throughfaith ·

While I understand making business decisions that make the web site run better and keep you from running in debt, I do think it's unfair that just because I can't pay for my own upgrade to premier member and that someone else gave me the blessing of that gift (which was a really great blessing to me and I would love to know who it was) that I can not post featured blogs. I have no way to pay for a premier membership because we do not use credit cards as a life style choice that we believe God wants us to be and remain debt free. We also do not have a checking account to pay that way. The only way I can be a premier member is for someone else to bless me with the gift ... unless you have another solution you can give me.

The trouble is that when I post blogs, usually late in the evening or very early in the morning, that by the time I look the next day my blogs are no longer on the home page because so many other people have posted. I get maybe 8 or 10 views on my blogs before they go into the files and have to be hunted up. At least with a featured blog more people were reading what I was writing even if they weren't the most profound writings on earth. I have blogs that I posted as featured blogs several weeks after posting the original and I get comments from people saying they must have missed my blog when I posted it.


Rob Henson @greybear ·

I might suggest a money order or certified check to pay for the Premier Membership, these are available at post offices, banks, and some grocery stores.

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

There is also the ability to obtain a pre-paid credit card.

My daughter uses this to pay for bills and such becasue she does not have a checking account. Her pre-paid card is through pay-pal.

Some banks also offer a similar program for a pre-paid card.

This would be an option for some.


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