New Advertiser: MindEquip

Hello Everybody,

As we do with all new advertisers at ChristianBlog.Com we want to formally announce that MindEquip.Com has become an advertiser at our website.

They signed up for a one-week header-text advertisement. We have given them exclusive advertisement for 24 hours, as we typically do for new advertisers.

MindEquip.Com is a website for the ChristianBlog.Com member MindEquip who is an author of multiple books, which he sales from his website.

We would like to invite all of our members to take the next week that he will be an advertiser at ChristianBlog.Com to visit his website and drop him a private message via his profile page if you have any questions about his books! If you enjoy his work please drop him a message thanking him for supporting ChristianBlog.Com by becoming an advertiser!


Our standard legal disclaimer: We have not read his books and neither ChristianBlog.Com, 4CM Network, nor John B. Abela, endorses MindEquip.Com nor his books. MindEquip.Com is an advertiser of our Services and not an official Ministry Partner with 4CM Network.

Do not include honorifics.

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