New Contact Form For Quickly Sending Your Friends Private Messages

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

We have just released a new page that will allow you to quickly and easily send a private message to one of your friends!

Previously you would have to hunt down your friends profile page and click a link which would than take you to a form where you would compose and send your message.

This new page allows you to simply go to your "Messages" (the link is always at the top of the website) and click the new "Start A New Message" link.

Once you are on the new page just scroll down your list of friends and select who you want to send the private message too.

Multi-friend Messages:

We get this request a lot, but we are still not willing to allow bloggers to send a private message to a bunch of different people at once, even if the different people are your own friends.

The primary reason for this is because in times past, when we did offer this, people were sending entire blogs via private messages to their friends. This is obviously not the purpose of a private message, and to reduce that from happening (by making it very time consuming to send individual messages to dozens of people) we are simply not willing to allow multi-friend private messages. When you publish a blog you are provided the ability to select who can view your blog, and one of the options is "friends only" so please use that method of publishing blogs that only your friends see.

Additional Notes:

For this new contact form we have removed the 3-word limitation for subjects down to one word, we have also reduced the minimum requirement for the message to a single word.

Still in place are the standard daily limits based on your membership tier level.

We have also put into place a flood prevention, to ensure that members are limited to the amount of private messages that they can send within a very short period of time. This will hopefully prevent bloggers from mass-sending of private messages before they hit their daily limit.

The website will continue to notify the person you send a private message to via email notification and website account alerts.

Lastly there is no "preview" feature, which a lot of you have been telling us you do not want as it just adds time and more effort to send a simple message to a friend.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

I like it! Thank you for making it easier to email a friend.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is much better! If you have a lot of friends the drop down menu can be a bit... long though typing in first letter or two of their username will make it easier to locate quickly though and it is MUCH quicker than the old way!


K :princess:

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