New Feature: Blog Introductions

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

Earlier today we introduced a new feature called "Blog Introductions" to our new blog editor.

Blog Introductions are a one-sentence introduction about your blog.

Blog Introductions are a required field, meaning you will have to fill out the Blog Introductions field when you are publishing a new blog.

These have also been known as snippets, one-liners, and other terms over the course of time - we just prefer to call them "Introductions" because they are what introduce your blog to viewers.

If you feel like this new required field is going to challenge you, we find that to be a good thing! We think if folks are going to write paragraphs and paragraphs (and sometimes a whole lot more) about a topic, they should also be able to write a single sentence that really sums up what it is they have to share about the given topic. We welcome challenges - and you should too when it comes to writing!

We have a number of ideas planned for Introductions over the weeks and months ahead, and for the moment they will not be used anywhere within the website - at least not for a few days as new blogs start to have them added - and we will update this announcement once we have put into place Introductions in other parts of our website.

Blog Introductions will not be editable once you have published your blog, nor will they be removable, so make sure you come up with a great introduction from the very get-go! we know you can do it!

We have placed a minimum character limit of 30 characters, and a maximum character limit of 60 characters. Yes, a challenge indeed!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I have missed this feature.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I have rarely used blog snippets because they were/are a real challenge for me to attempt to meet the word requirements. I liked the idea of them but in the past it either demanded me to add more characters to my sentence or it said I had too many. I ended up spending more time attempting to fit a sentence into a prescribed number of characters and eventually stopped trying.

Like you say, challenges are good and I do love the idea of a topic sentence but I hope the maximum number of characters will be reviewed.

[quote]This is sixty characters which is the maximum for a snippet.[/quote]

Yes, I did spend a bit of time coming up with that sentence to make sure there were exactly sixty characters. :wink:

Back in the ancient days of typewriters, they used to say that you would figure about five characters or so per word (spaces count as a character also). As you can see, my sentence above is 11 words plus a punctuation mark so that is a pretty accurate formula actually. Previously we were allowed 75 characters which would be about 15 words which was also a bit of a challenge for a topic sentence.

[quote]I would like to suggest increasing the size of the snippet from 60 characters to one 100 characters.[/quote]

[quote]Increasing it to 100 characters would be nice but I think that increasing it to 125 characters would probably be even better.[/quote]

The above quotes are exactly 60,100 and 125 characters and are intended to give people a better idea of what sentences within those limits might look like.

I love the idea of using a snippet or topic sentence to introduce the blog but I think they need to be good topic sentences. In order to write a decent topic sentence, I think the maximum number of characters needs to be increased. I'm talking about an addition of about 5-10 words but I really do think it would make a difference between a poorly written topic sentence and a well-written one.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I tried this on a blog that I lost John, and it told me I had only 28 characters, and needed 30. Trouble is, I lost the blog, instead of getting to add more.

Beth M @blest ·

Challenging is an apt adjective for this feature. While one might want to introduce one's blog, one must be diligent not to divulge too much! I have seen snippets that should have a "spoiler alert" on them! :wink:

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