New Feature: "My Wall" (plus home page redesigned)

Greetings Everybody,

Today we are announcing to the ChristianBlog.Com Community that we have officially released our new "My Wall" to the general membership of ChristianBlog.Com!

This new feature is available within the very top navigation of the website and will take you to a whole new section of our website totally devoted to Status Updates.

This new feature allows you to view your friends 25 most recent Status Updates, as well as your own recent Status Updates!

We have also added two new navigational links within the area where you type in your status updates called "Status Options" which will allow you to quickly jump to one of the new pages we have made.

Additionally, we are now formally announcing that we have increased max-character limit of Status Updates to 400 characters (an increase of 260-characters) from the previously limit of 120-characters.

With this entire new section devoted to Status Updates we have now removed the framed/scrolling feature from our (logged in) home page so that we can better separate each feature-section of the website, as we have done throughout the entire rest of the website. While it was nice to have on the home page, it was out of place, caused unnecessary page-load-time and has now been replaced by our much nicer "My Wall" feature.

While we were making changes to our home page we decided it was time to take action upon the highly complained about "the page is too long" issues we have been recieving for the last few weeks - mostly by people who only visit once or twice a week.

What we have done is segment each area into more tabs, limited the display of each segment to 10 lists, and we have now created 6 new pages of our website that will allow you to view each segmented area beyond the first 10 listings.

We feel this may be the best way to approach the issue of massively long pages (and thus a lot more scrolling on our most visited page), increase page load time, decrease connections to our database which slows down the website for everybody, and (hopefully) provide a cleaner website page.

As always: Feedback is welcomed.


Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

Looks great from here :)


Sweet job John! Really slick and easy to use :)


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Like everything else, I will get used to it. I really liked having the wall on the home page but I understand where you are coming from. It was fun getting a quick snapshot of what my friends were doing and thinking :mrgreen:

The wall feature had actually been around for a bit I believe but didn't have a lot of activity until it got put on the home page. Then I noticed a sharp increase. Perhaps, now that people have gotten used to using it more, the activity will continue but then again; out of sight, out of mind. Only time will tell. Strangely enough I found the old format easier to read quickly as well. This takes longer to look at but like I said... I am sure I will get used to it... I always do!

K :princess:

Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

I'm with looks and works really slick! Love the new headers!

Thanks a million for your diligence John :)

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I think it is a wonderful idea!

Thank you, John


I leave for a week and come back to a whole new website.
I think this is one of the best Home pages I have seen in awhile.

Scrolling is shorten, navigation is simple to follow with a very clean look and feel.
Your professionalism is showing.

Very good job and thank you.

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