New Feature: New Blog Comments Email Notifications!

Hello Everybody!

Well today is another big-feature-day here at ChristianBlog.Com!

Just a couple of days ago we rolled out the new "My Wall" feature, which everybody is raving about!!

Today, we are bringing back one of the most requested feature we have ever had here at ChristianBlog.Com - a feature we use to have but removed, much to the dismay of a lot of people!

That feature is/was "email notification" for when people post comments on a specific blog entry that you would like to be notified of when people post new comments!

In other words: when you post a comment on a blog entry, you have the option of getting an email anytime anybody else posts a comment to the blog entry!

This is a great way to be quickly notified if somebody else posts a comment to a blog that you have posted a comment too, and a blog that you feel is important enough to get an email notification of when somebody else posts a new comment after your own!

In the past we had this feature and it was highly loved by those who used it. However, it got so popular that the amount of emails we were sending out began to have an adverse affect on the servers (computers) that ChristianBlog.Com ran on. Within just a short time the emails began requiring so much demand on the servers that we had to turn off the feature :(

But as most people know, computers are getting faster and faster these days and ChristianBlog.Com recently (third quarter of 2008) got moved to a new server - one that is a lot faster with a lot more memory and (we really really hope) will be able to handle the email notification feature again!

So, we have spent a bit of time reworking the feature and are once again brining it back!

Oh, we should note that this feature is ONLY available for those people with Premier or Gold Memberships! This reason for this is because our Premier/Gold Members help pay to keep the website online, pay to get new features such as this, and pay to keep the website free from advertisements. They rightfully deserve extra perks - and this is one of them! So if you are not already one... you should really consider becoming a Premier Member :mgreen:

Ok, for those of you who are Premier/Gold Members, here is how this feature works.

When you are viewing a Blog Entry that you want to comment on, you will see a new option that will allow you to check a small box that will initiate the email tracking.

Simply check the little box (along with typing your Blog Comment) and you will automatically be notified (via email) of any further comments to the specific blog!

If you are already email-tracking the given blog entry, it will look like this:

To view a list of all of the Blog Entries that you are Email-Tracking, simply click the "Tracker" at the top of the website

and then scroll down to the section entitled, "Blog Email Notifications".

You can quickly view the Blogs you are tracking, as well as stop getting emails for each Blog Entry you are tracking by clicking the little red button!

Again, this feature is only available to our Premier or Gold Memberships.

We would love to hear feedback on this feature from our Premier/Gold Members - including thoughts, suggestions, praise, bah-humbugs, and whatever else!

Thank you.

For Christ's Ministry

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Bless you! One of my favorite features!

THanks bunches and bunches.

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Hey faithful friends!

I wanted to quickly follow-up with something I suspect a lot of people are going to ask.

At this time there is no way to "email track" a specific blog entry without posting a comment, and I am not sure there ever will be, as the existing "Tracker" system already works very (very very) well for such a purpose.

I think, because there is no way to do that, that this feature could very quickly turn into a situation where people are posting comments to blogs that have no value, meat, or substance... but instead posting a comment just to get the email notifications.

That is something I really do not want to see happen.

If we start to find people doing things like posting comments with nothing more than "commenting just to get email notification" that is not going to make us happy... nor is it going to make ANYBODY happy!

As blog authors [i](and as a premier/gold paying member, you probably are serious about being a blog author!)[/i], the last thing we want is to get a bazillion comments to our blogs with nothing more then some lame comment that's posted just to allow people to get email notifications... that would really really suck and would hurt the overall reputation of this website very quickly!

So, here is the simple fact of the matter...

We have three options for when/if this happens:

(1) We provide a way to allow premier/gold members to email-track a blog without comment. [i](as stated above, that is probably not going to happen... use the existing blog tracker for that folks)[/i]

(2) We start denying access to this feature for anybody who abuses this system. [i](and that would just add one more layer of responsibility to some ones job around here, probably me, and that would not make me a happy person)[/i]

(3) We turn off this feature (again) - sigh. [i](and yes, this is probably what will happen before either of the two options above happen)[/i]

In closing... I would just ask people to treat this feature with respect. So long as it does not get abused, and so long as it does not bring down our server from over-usage, we will keep it online and active! I truly do consider this feature one of those "perk features" that the website can just as easily do without, as it can with it - so shutting it down will only result in people being unhappy... so please... those of you with premier/gold memberships... please... respect this small request... respect the sanity of blog authors... respect the overall reputation of this website has not being a website flooded with non-sense comments... and most of all, respect the website for what it is... the #1 online Christian blog website! Together we can all help it stay that way!

Thanks everybody!

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

Grant Withers @bimonics ·


Thank you for pouring on the features. I'm sure sooner or later that this feature will be something that i intuitively reach for. Let me take a moment to thank you for that 'Home' page set-up. There are times when i never leave the home page beyond one click and then return! Before i can get to the end there are new blogs, new featured blogs, new comments on old blogs, new prayers, new praise reports, changes in the discussions, ect. When does one have time to blog around here? If i click on the home page before i start, i never get to finish writing.

Not really complaining just trying to let you know how rich the site is and how much it is appreciated.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

This is a great feature that I was just going to suggest today, but didn't need to for it just appeared. Evidently this feature came and went before I joined for I have no recollection of it. I sure pray it is not abused and removed for I can see how this could be an excellent way to know if further comments should or could be made after first commenting. I see the benefit and I hope it works out.

Thanks for making this available.

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Grant Withers (@bimonics),

wow, I hear you mate! It takes me about an hour to get through everything when I first log into the website each morning. Our little website is growing up, eh.

So, which page have you selected to be auto-directed to when you login??

Kirk M (@blessings2you),

Great to hear you like it! It makes for a really nice way to be notified of when people post a comment to a blog you wrote a year or two ago, and that specific blog is about the last thing you think of checking to see if any comments were made too within your [url=]Recent Blogs With Activity[/url] page.

As the leading blogger here at ChristianBlog.Com, are there any specific aspects of this email-notification feature that you would like to see changed, or perhaps added or removed?


Do you all like the email that is sent out? Is it clear enough? Is it dorkie? Think it should say something else, or have further information? Please offer some feedback if you think so!

Thanks again guys!

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

OK, When did the "Recent blogs with activity" page show up? WOW, that is the coolest thing yet. I didn't even know it was there. I swear, you guys must stay up late at night sneaking new and wonderful things into this site to bless us.

Seriously, between the above mentioned page and the notification page I can't think of any better and easier way to keep us informed of comments being made to ours or other's blogs. As far as I am concerned TWO THUMBS UP to both!!!!

The only thing I would love to see, but probably will never see it, is the ability to go back and edit a comment once it is posted. I am sure that would involve way too much technical stuff. I just know that at times we write comments in a hurry and sometimes fail to think them through only to read them later and smack the side of our heads saying "what was I thinking" at the time. That is it for now, but I will give it some thought.


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