New Security Feature: Account Signin History

Greetings Bloggers,

We have just turned on a new security feature that will allow all of our bloggers to be able to see a history of when they have signed into the ChristianBlog website.

This new security feature will allow to to monitor and be aware if your account is being accessed by somebody other than yourself.

Each time you sign into the website we log information about your internet connection (all websites do this) and we felt it was worth putting together this information into a format that all of our bloggers could see, to be able to make sure that their accounts are secure.

The information we are displaying is the exact date and time that you signed into the CB website, your ip address, your city and country.

In this screenshot below you can see a brief example of the account signin history. What we did was connect to the internet in San Jose California USA, and signed into the CB website. We than signed out of the CB website and connected to an internet connection in Sydney AU and we again signed into the website. We than switched our internet connection to Oslo Norway and again signed into the CB website. Finally we connected to the internet Petah Tikva Irael and again signed into the CB website.

Typically if you were to see drastic differences in your account signin history, it could mean that somebody else has acquire access to your ChristianBlog.Com account. Should this be the case we highly recommend that you update your password.

It is worth mentioning that the "city" may not always be exactly where it is that you are at when you sign into the website. In fact, at times it can be in completely different states/regions. This largely happens if you are using a cellular connection or a local wifi hotspot. The reason for this is that the company supplying the internet connection might have their headquarters listed in one region while they provide internet connections in multiple regions, and it is their headquarters that often times is detected.

It is also worth mentioning that the ip-address can drastically change - even on a day to day basis. This is very true for those who use AOL -- which switches their users ip-addresses on a minute-by-minute basis at times - an archaic method of security that AOL has never changed, even though it is completely unnecessary.

If you tend to have a regular time that you sign into the CB website, using the date/time stamp can be a very good way to track if somebody else has gained access to your account.

In the end, the important thing is to pay attention to the activity on a broader basis. If you, at some point, see something that just seems out of place you should consider updating your password.

Just a reminder that those who desire to have stronger account protection can utilize our two-stage secure signin feature which adds a great deal of additional protection for your account, but does require an extra step to sign into the website.

To access this new feature simply visit your Account page and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Thank you,

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