New Social Website Links and New Notifications

Greetings ChristianBloggers,

Today, February 05, 2017, we have introduced the ability to link three social websites to your profile.

These social websites include, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the three most popular social websites in the world.

The ability to link other social websites is available for all who are financially supporting bloggers.

You can access the ability to add these social websites to your profile by navigating to:

Account -> Link Social Websites (under the 'Paid Membership' section)

Once you have added any/all of your social accounts from these other website a new button will show up on your profile page that will display the associated social website. You can see the profile of John B. Abela (@abelajohnb) to see how they look.

It is important to note that this new feature is only for linking to other social websites, it will not result in your published blogs here at ChristianBlog.Com being posted/linked to the other social websites when you publish a new blog - such ability is on our to-do-list but it is far from ready.

New Notifications:

We are also introducing a new type of account notification/alert along with the above new social links. These new type of alerts will allow us to send one-time notifications to a bloggers friends/contacts. All of the other type of notifications are multi-use notifications, meaning they can be turned on/off unlimited times (such as each new time a comment is made to a blog, we just re-use the previous notification by turning it back on) but these new notifications are specifically designed for one-time-actions, such as when you link a social website to your account here at ChristianBlog.Com, we can issue a notification to all of your friends with a very customized and specific message.

In the future we plan to use these new type of notifications for other one-time events. Perhaps sending notifications of new blog series, or adding a blog to a blog series, or even notify your friend when you 'like' something, or when a Featured Blog is set on your profile. Hopefully you get the idea.

The only way to mark these new notifications, will be via the 'Mark All As Read' link on the primary 'Alerts' dropdown in the top/header navigation. In the future we will attempt to have them marked as read when you visit the given 'whatever' the notification is about, but for right now, that logic is not yet in place.

Thank you,

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