Our First CB eBook - Want To Be Involved?

Earlier this year we posted a screenshot of a Kindle book that had a blog posted here at ChristianBlog.Com showcasing the possibility of turning CB blogs into a Kindle book.

We think we have worked through the process enough to give this a try and thought that we would open it up to having a dozen or two blogs in this initial book.

If you have any interest in having one or some of your blogs published within this initial book, here are the details:


1) Your blog cannot have been published under any of the Creative Commons licenses. It must have been published under an "All Rights Reserved" or a "Public Domain", or no license at all.

2) The ideal length should be over 400 words, but exceptions will be made for shorter blogs, with a 200 words minimum requirement.

3) Political related blogs are not allowed.

4) Holiday/seasonal related blogs are not allowed.

5) Blogs that mention other members, or individuals in general, websites, ministries, and such, should not be submitted, as this is for a publicly published book, after all.

6) Blogs that reference videos or pictures are not allowed, as videos are just not doable in a kindle book, obviously.

7) You will have to give up publication rights to ChristianBlog.Com for the republication of your blog.

8) You will have to give ChristianBlog.Com the rights to make a profit from your published work (blogs) as the book will be listed for sell and not a free book. All proceeds from any sells of the book will be 100% that of ChristianBlog.Com and not the individual blog authors (you). There will be a credits page that will show the authors name (whatever you have here at ChristianBlog.Com for your public name) and referenced blog(s).

9) You will have to give ChristianBlog.Com the rights to publish both electronic and print versions of the book. While there is no initial intent to do a published softcover/hardcover of the book, if there should be interest and financial benefit, it could happen.

10) You will have to give permission to ChristianBlog.Com to use your published works (blogs) in books sold in any manner. This includes the Kindle, Apple, Google, and other stores, as well as direct sells from the ChristianBlog.Com website and elsewhere.

Due to the legal nature of selling eBooks, other requirements may arise that will have to be addressed before it is made available to sell, which you will need to agree too.

So all of that explained, if you want to get involved in this, the first step is to submit your blogs by posting a link to them within a comment on this blog. From there we will look at all of the submitted blogs and see how which ones that we can combine together to make into a coherent book. After that will begin the work of compiling the book and getting it converted to an eBook. After that will be the legal stuff. After that will be submitting it to the different eBook stores.

We are taking probably a hundred or more hours, but such is how it goes when you are first learning things, eh. Hopefully after this initial book we will understand the process enough to learn how to automate a lot of it and make it so bloggers (all of you) can have an easy way to self-publish your own books from your blogs!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I'm in - good idea. It feels good in my spirit. Not sure how to do the 'link thing' Need some help there

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