"Pay-It-Forward" Pledge Partnership

Greetings Everybody,

We wanted to take a moment and share the latest feature that we have put together that will allow our members to mightily bless others - a feature we call "Pay-It-Forward" Pledge Partnership!

"Pay-It-Forward" Pledge Partnership is a system designed to allow our members to anonymously purchase Pledge Partnerships for other members of ChristianBlog.Com!

All the details are located at: http://www.christianblog.com/payitforward/

We know that a great deal of our members would love to be able to bless others with a gift of being a Pledge Partner and the "Pay-It-Forward" is the solution to allowing our members the ability to bless others!

We have put together a reduced yearly price and the ability to purchase a single "Pay-It-Forward" or a whooping 10 "Pay-It-Forward" blessings! (and save $50 bucks!)

We do have a small number of requirements for those who are able to receive a "Pay-It-Forward" and they are listed on the "Pay-It-Forward" page. If you are getting close to reaching the limit of how many blogs you can post as a free member, and you are totally unable to pay for your own Pledge Partnerships we encourage you to visit our "Pay-It-Forward" and see if you meet the requirements.

For those wondering, we accept: PayPal, AlertPay, Checks, and Money Orders. (if you desire to purchase more than 3 we would actually prefer a check, as there are fees that paypal/alertpay charge, but, that is just a preference - financial support to ChristianBlog.Com is always welcome, no matter what the monetary form)

Many Blessings Abound!


Speaking of payments, I sent out a money order to John & would like to be a pledge partner, of which I have no idea how to do the the check off thing on the account part! How does that work? Thanks for any help on this! God Bless you! Amen! Dave

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

We have just received our first "Pay-It-Forward" pledge!! Thank you to the person that did so!! :clap:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Hello All,

We just received another set of "Pay-It-Forward" pledges... so, we are ready to start handing them out.

If you meet the qualifications listed on the [link=http://www.christianblog.com/payitforward/]Pay-It-Forward[/link] page and are unable to purchase a monthly [link=http://www.christianblog.com/pledge/]Pledge Partnership[/link] for yourself, and you actually need to upgrade your account to keep blogging, than you might be able to score one of these available PIF slots!!

Many many thanks to the individuals who have step-forward and both supported CB AND helped to bless other CB members!! May God's riches rain down upon you!!


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