Personal Monetization Now Available!

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

ChristianBlog.Com is excited to announce that we are now releasing the ability for Tier 3 members to add monetization to your blogs and your profile page.

Account Monetization is a feature that allows you to monetize your account within the ChristianBlog.Com website through the use of third-party companies that the ChristianBlog.Com Services tie into. We offer the ability to place monetization features within your blogs and profile.

At time of launch we are offering monetization via the extreamly popular Flattr system, which allows other Flattr members to send you 'micro payments' (or even 'one-time payments') by simply clicking on a button that will be added to all of your blogs and your profile page. You will, of course, need to be a registered member of Flattr to be able to receive micropayments via Flatter.

You can see an example of how the Flattr button will appear within this blog - it appears above the "recommend this blog" section. You can see an example of how the Flattr button will appear on your profile page by viewing the profile of @abela - it appears on the side navigation, at or near the bottom.

Why Offer Monetization:

We realize that some might question why we would open up our website to allowing monetization on an individual blogger level. For many years this has been something we have considered offering. It has only been since we have become an All Paid Website that the viability and reasoning for allowing individual bloggers the ability to have ways to monetize their blogs has become warranted.

Tier 3 membership is not an inexpensive monthly fee, we realize that, and we are truly great full for those who have been willing to invest into the ChristianBlog.Com ministry at that level. For a long time we have been trying to find ways to make a way for them to help relieve, or off set, their monthly fees. ChristianBlog.Com needs money to continue to operate - just like any ministry or business does. Tier 3 bloggers are typically those with the largest amount of blogs within their archives, so by providing them an ability to have the option to potentially monetize their efforts, it helps both those individual bloggers, and the ChristianBlog.Com ministry.

For a long time there have been questions on whether bloggers should be monetizing the publishing of religions based blogs. Let us remember that not only does a ministry need funds to keep going (whether it be our website, or your local church), but so to do those individuals who operate the ministry need funds to keep their lives going (whether it be the owner of CB, or your local clergy member). There are many very high profile bloggers around the world who make a living from blogging - and some of them make some very very good money. It simply makes sense that those within ChristianBlog.Com that are power bloggers, should also have the means to monetize their own blogging - if they so choose to do so.

Fees, Disclaimers, Policies:

The ChristianBlog.Com Services, at this time, does not receive any money from the Flattr microtransactions. 10% goes to Flattr and 90% goes to the individual bloggers - read more about this on the Flattr FAQ page. ChristianBlog.Com does have the ability to receive 25% of what Flattr receives, but at this time we are opting to not involve ourselves with Flattr at that level.

It is of course important to note that Personal Monetization has no negative or positive impact on your personal monthly subscriptions to the ChristianBlog.Com Services. All Tier 3 bloggers will still be required to maintain their Tier 3 status and monthly subscriptions.

It should also be noted that the ChristianBlog.Com Services has no involvement between the transactions of you and any company that we offer Personal Monetization for (such as Flattr). ChristianBlog.Com does not receive a list of translations nor dollar/euro amounts. ALL micropayments between you as a blogger and third party monetization companies are outside the boundaries and policies of the ChristianBlog.Com Services.

Do not include honorifics.

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