Photographs Embed Into Blogs - A New Feature!

Hello Everybody,

ChristianBlog.Com has just released a new feature that will allow you to directly embed a photograph into your Blog Entry.

An example of this new feature is shown in the below screenshot, which was taken from this Blog Entry by John B. Abela (John B. Abela (@abelajohnb)), which was the very first blog to utilize this new feature.

As you can see, the photograph is sized to fit our website, it is surrounded by (what we feel is) a pretty background/border, and proper legal credit is given where proper legal credit is due - and best of all is that all of that happens automatically!

Three Important Issues:

The first thing to understand is that this feature only works (at least at this time) with the extremely popular (and we believe the worlds most popular) photo hosting website. We do intend to expand this feature to utilize other photograph hosting websites in the future.

The second thing to understand is your legal right to use photographs from Flickr.Com, which we will discuss below. A basic overview of it however is that you can only use photographs for which you have the legal right to use. Our software will attempt to help enforce this matter however it is not a full-proof system and therefore the legal responsibility falls upon you, the member using this feature, to properly utilize this feature. In the future we plan to also support photobucket and picasa.

The third thing to understand is that at this time there is only a single embedded photograph allowed per Blog Entry. We do support the ability to utilize the BBCode 'image' feature of course, for including additional photographs within your Blog Entry.

Legal Responsibility:

Flickr.Com is a truly amazing resource for finding photographs to use within your Blog Entries, but that does not mean that each and every photograph is something you can legally use. In fact, a large majority of the photographs at would be illegal to embed into a blog you write here at the ChristianBlog.Com website.

The key to this issue is finding the photographs that have a legally allowable license attached to them.

Flickr.Com uses the very popular Creative Commons license, which we support here at ChristianBlog.Com, for the use of photographs uploaded to their website. Without going into great detail of the Creative Commons licenses (you need to do that research, we are not a legally counseling service) what you want to look for is whether or not the photograph is listed as "Some rights reserved" under the "Additional Information" section on the right side of the photograph website page.

If the photograph says "Additional Information" you need to click on the "Some Rights Reserved" link and make sure that the photograph license allows for it to be shared, or as they say at the Creative Commons website "copy, distribute and transmit".

If you find a photograph with that, you know you can legally use it for this new feature here at the ChristianBlog.Com website!

Here is what a legally acceptable photograph would look like:

Here is what a photograph that would be illegal to use would look like:

To make things easier for our members to find photographs that have been posted at Flickr, which are legally usable here at ChristianBlog.Com, we have been able to piece together a search engine at the website which displays only those photographs that are listed as "Creative Commons-licensed content" - which means that 99% of them are totally legal to use within any Blog Entry that you Publish here at ChristianBlog.Com... but you should always check just to make sure.

To find this great tool go to:

On that page click the "Advanced" option to the top-right and than on the advanced search page, scroll to the bottom and check/tick the option that says, "Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content" and that should make it so only Creative Common photos show. For some people the above link automatically shows CC photos, for some people it does not, we are not sure why. need help?

How To Use It:

This new feature is extremely simple to use!

It is a two-step process. The first is the hardest, but it is really easy.

Head over to the website and start hunting for a photograph you like and you can legally use.

For this example we will utilize this photograph, posted by our very own member John B. Abela (John B. Abela (@abelajohnb))

Now the key to this, as we mentioned above, is making sure you use a legally available photograph. In this case we know this is photograph we can legally use.

So, now that you have the first part done (and the harder of the two parts) all you have to do now is copy the website URL of the photograph and paste it into the appropriate field within the Blog Creation form. In this case the url to this photograph is:

Once you have selected the Blog Category for your Blog Entry, and typed in your Blog Title, you are taken to the normal page where you first enter your Blog text. As of today you will now see a new field, which looks like the below screenshot:

Once you have typed in your Blog message and pasted the url to the photograph into the Blog Creation form it should look like this:

From there you can simply press the button to preview your Blog Entry. One the next page you can view how your Blog Entry looks with your newly embed photograph within it! We provide you the ability to remove the url, change it, or keep it - within the Blog Preview page!

How This Can Be Used:

One of the great ways that this new feature is really awesome is to help folks who have gotten "blogger lock" - giggle - that is, writers blog, except we are bloggers here, eh!

What a popular thing to do is to just surf through the images listed at the helpful search page that we listed above, and let your mind run wild until you find a photograph that sparks some creative imagination, which you could use to write a blog about!

Here are some examples:

This would be a great embedded photograph on a Blog about love or relationships!

This would be a great embedded photograph on a Blog about the Biblical story of sands in the seashore!

This would be a great embedded photograph on a Blog about any one of the number of Biblical story which involve sheep!

This would be a great embedded photograph on a Blog about friendship and taking care of each other!

This would be a great embedded photograph on a Blog about peace and serenity!

This would be a great embedded photograph on a Blog about well... where we'd all like to be right now!

Well hopefully that helps you get the idea!

In Closing:

We have decided to do something we do not do very often, and that is to realize this feature to ALL members from the very get-go!

So that means every single ChristianBlog.Com member can start using this new feature right now! Typically we release new features to our Premier/Gold Members for a few weeks of exclusive use, but we knew this one would cause so much public demand for it that we felt it would be best to release it to everybody as soon as we released it.

Also be aware that ChristianBlog.Com has some very strict policies about what we do not allow in regards to photographs published within any Published Content here at the ChristianBlog.Com website. We highly recommend you review the ChristianBlog.Com Content Policy before you start using this new feature.

Blessings everybody,

Disclaimer: flickr, photobucket, and picasa are all copyright their respective properties and are not affiliated with ChristianBlog.Com in any way.

Sherry Scarberry @livewell4him ·

Awesome feature that I'm looking forward to using! I think it will bring some visual interest to our blogs. And, being a new member, I am thankful to be included to use it. Thank you. :-)

Sara Reckling @oneofhisown ·

Very cool idea! I love it! I would like to say that while I'm not familiar with flickr, I do love picasa, and can't wait for you guys to get that one started. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this website.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I tried this feature tonight in a blog I just wrote and I have to tell you it worked great! You're right. It is very easy to use. I was writing about a landmark I'd seen when I was in Berlin back in 1977 but I don't have the pictures. I went on Flickr though, found a picture of it which I could legally use and popped it into the blog. Thanks for adding this feature!


K :princess:

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·

No. I must respectfully disagree with Kprincess... lol. It's not easy to use for my simple brain... .I have no clue how to find a URL for the pics I tried to use. I tried for an hour to figure it out. I'm just not understanding your instructions... I obviously need a "Flickr For Dummies"

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