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Greetings All,

For the start of 2010 we have decided to change the direction of things in regards to the on-going financial support of ChristianBlog.Com in a better effort to help our members support us and at the same time help us continue to be supported.

ChristianBlog.Com is a powerful world-wide ministry that is touching the lives of thousands of people each week. Our growth speaks to this fact.

One of the requests we have had over this past year has been a way to help our members have an easier time supporting the ChristianBlog.Com ministry. Other than our Premier Membership there has been no easy way for members to contribute to us on a month by month basis, without each of the members wanting to help support us manually sending us a donation each month.

Additionally, since April of 2009 we have been utilizing the "ChipIn" on (for the post part) an exclusive level to have our members support us. This has worked very well and we will continue to utilize this method until we reach a level of monthly support from our Pledge Partners to fully support the ChristianBlog.Com ministry.

Allow me the opportunity to briefly explain this new "Pledge Partner" that we are starting.

At the heart of it is allowing our members to have a one-time-signup that than changes their bank account, credit card, paypal account, each month a set amount (pre-set by the individual member)... automatically.

By setting up this type of a 'automated subscription' it allows our members to be able to not worry about whether they have already sent ChristianBlog.Com a monthly donation. This also helps ChristianBlog.Com have a firm basis of knowledge of who much funds will be available on an on-going basis.

The "long term idea" behind switching to a "Pledge Partner" method will be to help ChristianBlog.Com achieve a solid core of members willing to invest into the ChristianBlog.Com ministry so that we might continue to push forth the boundaries that God has set before us! We are facing a major financial need here in the beginning of 2010 and we desperately need financial support to help the ministry continue.

Last week Rick Warren of Saddleback Church posted a letter to his church members asking for $900,000.00 USD to keep out of the red for years-end.

Two days later it was reported that the church had already received over $2.4 million dollars in donations - the vast majority of them of them being small donations.

This is such a spiritual encouragement! If a single church can raise over two-million dollars, just think of what a world-wide website such as ChristianBlog.Com could raise!

What makes this even more amazing is that we need less than $2,000.00 USD a month to keep going! If a single church can do 2-million, surely the world-wide membership of ChristianBlog.Com can pull together 2-thousand a month!

So I, as the owner of ChristianBlog.Com, would like to ask you: Will you help me keep this ministry going? Will you help others be blessed? Do you want to continue to be blessed yourself? We can do it - I know we can! Please consider becoming a Pledge Partner so that I can keep this amazing and wonderful ministry alive!

Perhaps many of you may not know this: The ChristianBlog.Com website is 100% operated by one person - myself. I keep it updated... I try to keep up with technical support... I try to keep the bug reports fixed... I try to keep our members happy... and most of all I try to help make sure that ChristianBlog.Com will continue to be a blessing to every person that visits this website! I have been running ChristianBlog.Com "full-time" for almost a year now. Money is getting short and keeping things going is getting hard. I so desperately desire to continue working full-time on this wonderful website, but I cannot continue to allow myself to live at well below poverty levels. For the last six months my "take home" income has been less than $300 a month. That is making it very hard on me. Without a financial change soon I am just going to have to move on and see if I can find another avenue of getting and keeping my bills paid. I have never asked anybody to live without money, and I do not feel the Lord wants anybody to have to do so. If you yourself have very little money, I am not asking you to live without even less necessity money. For those of you who do have a few (or even a lot) of extra money each month, well, I am asking you... please help me. I desperately desire to continue to have ChristianBlog.Com minister and bless thousands of people around the world - and I need so very little in the large scope of things to be able to do so!

I would like to invite all of you able to become Pledge Partners to sign up today and help us reach the goal of $2,000.00 a month!

For Christ's Ministry,
John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


I consider it an honor and a blessing to give back to this website which God has used to bless me in so many ways, so many times.


K :princess:

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

I must totally agree with K :princess: on this. How could I not give back to a site that has given me so much? The blessing is more mine than ChristianBlog's.

KraftyKatz :coffee:

Laurie Gustafson @childofjesus ·

I would totally donate if I could! but sadly I cannot afford it. But I pray that those who cand afford will genorously donate. =]]

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