Prayer Requests Have Returned!

Greetings Bloggers,

We wanted to let all of our bloggers know that we have brought back the "Prayer Requests" feature of the ChristianBlog.Com website!

This has been an unexpected decision to return the Prayer Requests feature back to the website but there were a lot more reasons for not bringing it back then there were for not bringing it back. The biggest reason being that prayer is important, and as a ministry this website needs prayer and we know that those who are a part of this ministry need prayer. What more reason does there need to be.

We would like to say a lot of thought went into the design and development of our new prayer requests feature... but the honest truth is, it only took us about five hours to put it all together, and to test it, and to fix some mistakes we made. Thanks to Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@bethy) and Shani Matthews (@shanijane) for being awake and in the chatroom and willing to help us test this new feature.

What we did was take our existing Wall feature and change things up a bit and turned it into a Prayer Requests Wall. So those of you who use the Wall a lot should feel right at home with our new prayer requests.

The differences between the Wall and our new Prayer Wall is that the prayer wall does not allow photographs, videos, website links, smilies, bbcode - and the prayer wall is also setup to allow around 40 or 50 more characters per post and comment then what the Wall has for max limitations.

Like the Wall, this new Prayer Wall is fully integrated into our Account Alerts so you can keep track of those who comment on your prayer requests and within the prayer requests of prayers you have commented in yourself. We are trying to work out a way to stop being alerted to comments in prayer requests that you have commented in so you are not flooded with prayer alerts. We have most of this already finished and are just needing some folks using this new Prayer Wall before we can test this feature and soon thereafter make it available.

An important part of this new Prayer Wall is the understanding that only those within your Contacts/Friends will be able to see your prayer request. A lot of thought went into whether we should make prayer requests available for everybody to see (and perhaps even those who are not members of CB) but the best solution to all of the problems associated with this issue was the simplest solution: only your friends will be able to see your prayer requests. A true Occam's razor solution here we feel.

We truly do look forward to our bloggers using this new prayer requests feature and we hope and pray that it will be used and find purpose in the lives of our members!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I got stymied by the 'true Occam's razor' and its definition. Fortunately I know what prayer is and am pleased to see it back on the Menu. I like the idea of it only being seen by those on our friends list. I think we can feel vulnerable just 'putting it out there' sometimes. I also really like the idea of being able to cancel the alerts so that they don't get dragged into the next century by someone not realising a prayer request has fulfilled its purpose and gone bye byes.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Thank you for making a way for us to pray one for another and for CB


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am extremely thankful for this as it came at a very timely moment for me and will be using it right away! I appreciate the fact that our comments are only visible to friends. That's brilliant I think! Thank you!


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