Premier Membership Becomes Pledge Partners!

Greetings Everybody,

Over the last 30-days ChristianBlog.Com has been in discussion with a core-group of our members over the decision to make a terminology change - specifically that of changing the term "Premier Members" to that of "Pledge Partners".

The idea was originally suggested back on January 2nd, 2010 by Kirk M (@blessings2you) shortly after we began our 2010 Pledge Drive which was - and still is - our goal of reaching enough monthly financial support to fully cover the expenses of the ChristianBlog.Com ministry and reduce the financial burden off the shoulders of the owner of ChristianBlog.Com who has to pull money out his own pocket every month the website is unable to cover its expenses, as he has been for over three years since he started this ministry website.

After the idea of changing the name was originally floated around the website a bit, it caught on rather quickly.

Some things in life, regardless of how good of an idea they are, take time to work out. Paying off our car bills, loosing that 14 pounds we gained over the holidays, things like that :wink:

Changing the terminology of the core financial source of ChristianBlog.Com was also one of those issues that we felt was necessary to take a good long time considering, working out all of the details, allowing a lot of different members and the membership levels of ChristianBlog.Com to have a chance to discuss.

The ChristianBlog.Com "Gold Members" had a chance to discuss this amongst themself and ChristianBlog.Com throughout the month of January. At the end of the month all were in agreement to take it to the next step and take the idea to the existing Premier Members. From the first of February through the end of February there was a massive amount of discussion by both Premier Members and Gold Members on the pros and cons of the terminology change (and a few other off-topic issues that came up because of it - grin).

Through it all, everybody was in agreement of changing the terminology of "Premier Members" to "Pledge Partners".

However, simply having everybody come to an agreement of a terminology change was just one aspect of the issues that had to be addressed.

Just as importantly, and some would say even more importantly, was the issue of the financial differences between "Premier Members" (priced at $10 per month) and "Pledge Partner" (the lowest of which is $5 per month.)

An important point was made to address the issue of fairness. By that we mean that some existing "Premier Members" would be paying up-to $10 per month, yet anybody who become a "Pledge Partner" could get all of the same benefits for half the price!

In the end however, the vast majority of those in discussion all were of the same mind: "Supporting the ChristianBlog.Com ministry is about supporting the ChristianBlog.Com ministry... not whether I pay a few dollars more or less than the next guy!"

That is true spirit brothers and sisters! It is exactly the spirit of Christendom that we have come to know, and admire, and enjoy about everybody here at ChristianBlog.Com!

What Realistic Changes Will Be Made:

When it comes down to it, we know that most of our members are most concerned about how changes to the website are going to effect them and their fellow ChristianBlog.Com friends.

Here is exactly what is going to change:

All privileges that have always been associated with the "Premier Membership" will be exactly the same privileges that will be associated with the "Pledge Partners".

All existing "Premier Membership" payments from PayPal.Com will continue. There is no need to cancel your subscription with ChristianBlog.Com unless you desire to increase, decrease, or discontinue your financial support of the ChristianBlog.Com ministry!

Anybody who becomes a "Pledge Partner" - regardless of what price-point they choose - will gain all privileges of advanced membership explained on our membership page.

Anybody is welcome to create as many Pledges as they desire. We already have a few people who have created multiple pledges as the Lord is continuing to financially bless them! This creates a great way for you to help expand your faith in giving to the Lord and the ministry of ChristianBlog.Com! Maybe you cannot afford to give $20.00 a month... but $7 a month, or $10 a month is something you feel you may be able to do. Than a few months later, you find yourself being further blessed financially, you feel lead to give even more to the ChristianBlog.Com Ministry! Simply create another Pledge signup and you can than give twice - or as many different times as you feel lead to do so!

At the same time, if money is really really tight for you (something we ourselves obviously know here at ChristianBlog.Com, as we run in the negative every month), and you can only afford to give $5 or $7 dollars, worry not!! We are 100% convinced that if you give a few bucks, and a few other people (ok, a whole bunch of other people) give a few bucks, we can meet our financial goals!! The power of the mite is the greatest power that exists!

Website Terminology:

Because ChristianBlog.Com has been using the term "Premier Membership" for so very long it is going to take us awhile to hunt down each and every little instance of the use of the term and get it changed over to "Pledge Partner". Please do not become confused with the two terminologies over the next few weeks. While they will both be in use, they will both mean the same thing and the end-result will be the same thing!

For those of you wondering... yes, we are considering a termonology change for "Gold Members"... but at this point, we haven't had a truly great suggestion or idea yet!

Want To Become A Pledge Partner?

Our greatest hope (financially speaking) is that ChristianBlog.Com would bless people so much that they pray about supporting the ministry of ChristianBlog.Com - and hopefully they hear from the Holy Spirit to financially support our ministry!

We know that as people bless each other... something that happens thousands of times a day here... people will bless ChristianBlog.Com by supporting us.

The facts are simple: ChristianBlog.Com is a ministry like any other... like your church... like an overseas mission operation... like a Christian tv station... we are all the same: We are ministries ministering to the Lord and His people... and, we need financial support to keep going.

If you are not yet a Pledge Partner would like really appreciate it if you could support us!

If you are already a Pledge Partner... and you are able to give a bit more... we would really appriciate any additional support you can give!

Many blessings to everybody, as we strive to bless you!

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

first i want to say, thank you for the honesty and courage to keep us wife and i are truely blessed by this ministry and that is just one of the reasons why i became a pledge partner. the other is to be a blessing to my brothers and sisters in christ not only here but around the world.and to share soem great news. my wife informed me this morning, that a sister in christ from our local church found one of her blogs from here she published on facebook.i belive this will lead to more people not only praying for us but becoming future members. be blessed

Billy Beard @billyb ·

There is one concern I have, not regarding the change, but does regard money. I have on two separate occasions, since paying the yearly fee in August, when I joined, gave one amount of $15, and another of $25, yet do not see it as being a 'donator'. Is there a level one needs to reach to be listed as a 'donator'?

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

The great opportunity afforded by CB to minister to others and be ministered to by others is the main reason why I financially support this Christianblog ministry. John asks so little from the membership of CB. Thank you for this CB ministry!!! Don't put it off, become a pledge partner today!

Ted Foy @following ·

I am financially supporting this ministry for two reasons:
1) I believe it is of God and for His Glory an helps fulfill the "Great Commission"
2) I felt God asking me to and have faith He will supply the needs for me to do anything He asks me to.

I pray others will, so we do not lose this wonderful ministry.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

It is a great joy to be able to give to that which has given so much to me!


K :princess:

Moeketsi Nkosi @moeketsin ·

Please provide accout details for me and a way I can directly deposit cash into the account, I am from South Africa. I am not comfortable with the Paypal and the other paymethods available here. My pledge of $40 is a declaration that I bilieve in your ministry and its conduct.

I guess love get proven in the time of need, I trust I will be able to pledge more once I have resolved most of my financial battles.

God Bless :pray:

Karen Zandstra @karenz ·


I just setup a pledge amount of $5.00 a long does it take for the changes in my membership to occur?

Thank so much!

God Bless

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