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You can now have the weather and local time on your profile!

Greetings Christian Bloggers,

Just a quick announcement that we have added weather and local time to your profile page. This is a really nice little feature that after initial testing we received a lot of nice comments about, so we have added it to all of our members profile pages.

You can make changes to this, and even turn it off, within your TimeZone settings. All you need to do is make sure that the 'City/State/Country' fields are completed and that you have it enabled - it is enabled by default.

You can also select your Weather Unit which will display either Metric (celcius) or Imperial (fahrenheit) first within the weather information that is display. We actually show both to help all of those who are either in the land of the Metric system or those in the crazy small world of the Imperial system.

Here is what this feature looks like for the @christianblog account

Regarding Privacy:

This weather, location, local date/time, information will only be displayed to your friends/contacts and will not be visable to the general public and/or those who are not within your friends list.

Regarding Accuracy:

The weather may not be 100% accurate. It may not even be close... but hopefully it will be. If you discover that the weather is consistanly inaccurate for your location please contact us.

Also be aware that the weather is updated every 30 minutes and may not be real-time. Please do not use it to determine if you should go walking to the store at 1am without a torch wink.gif

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Published: Dec 19 2013 08:20:23pm

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