Quick Teaser: Custom Blog Categories

This is just a quick teaser for something that we are working on here behind the mystery that is CB.

We are working on doing away with the generic category system that we have had in place for years, in exchange for letting our members maintain their own set of categories.

The original idea behind having set-categories was to try to keep some level of cohesion to the whole 'community' side of things.

However, as a great many of our members have expressed to us (mostly privately) the entire category system is just not working. It is failing to produce the click-through's by members and visitors that justifies even having them.

This leads us to having three choices:

, Either we keep them as they are, even though they are almost never used.

, We remove categories all together.

, Or, we allow our members to build their own personal categories and let them deal with click-through issues on an individual level. If they make categories that don't draw attention,

Being the kind of people we are... we like to give and not take (at least, not too much taking) to our members, so, we choice to invest our entire Easter weekend into developing an entirely new system that will allow our members to define their own blog categories!

Speaking of taking... we also took this opportunity to do away with the dreaded "blog tags". They were a serious pain for most of our members, and the few people were using them as they were intended to be used, used them to build their own custom blog categories, of such. As we are now allowing that full-on, blog tags become totally non-relevent... so, away with those things!

Anyway, here is a little sneak-peak teaser image for everybody :mrgreen:

Initial testing on this is still be performed.

Expected launch of this new system is early this week to Gold Partners, with it being released to Pledge Partners later this week. Full roll-out to all members should be shortly thereafter, unless we experience major catastrophic failures.

Enjoy the teaser!


William Stephens @eschator83 ·

This is truly a great tease, many thanks, please do it often. If possible, could you comment:
1-Will this project have any impact on the tag system? I hope it continues more accessibly.
2-I noticed yesterday for the first time, I think, a list of most popular tags on the home page. Do you plan to keep that and where do we find out how to access other tags?
3-I haven't been able to find the categories list to access them for, I think, at least a month? Did you remove it from both the home page and the navigation list and bar? Where will you display the new access capability?
4-Have you considered that categories might be accessed much more if there were more of them--so they weren't so broad, and didn't contain so many items to wade through?
5-Could there possibly be sub-categories within categories?
Like: category: Bible
subcategories- history of
translation issues
bible studies
lectio devina
scripture proclamation
of course, I'd still love to see amateur exegesis here, which I think would be very popular because most of us can neither find nor afford the professional versions.
Thank you again for this great tease.

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

I can comment on these questions.

1) This was answered in the blog ;)

2) The answer to the above will answer this question ;)

3) ditto to #1 and #2 answers

4) Nope. And will be nullified with the release of this new feature.

5) I think that would be something for the [link=http://www.christianblog.com/suggestions/]suggestions[/link] AFTER this new system is rolled out. I will not, at this time say "no"... but I will say "perhaps, but probably not soon". But, than again, one never knows what I might just decide to do one day when I decide to do something, instead of something else I should be working on.

Hope that helps :mrgreen:


Christianblog Account @christianblog ·

Hello All,

We are getting very close to pushing out this new feature for all of our members. Over the last week or so it has been put through some initial testing with a number of issues that came up that we were able to resolve. We did some final testing of this new system today and will put the final documentation touches to it tomorrow and hopefully release it to the general membership later this week.


John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

Hey Everybody,

Tomorrow I am heading out for my first camping trip of the year, to do some initial gear testing and make sure nothing broke or such during the winter.

Once I get back, and starting on Monday, I will finish pushing this feature out to the general public. It has already been in use by Gold Members for a couple of weeks. The initial issues that were reported seem to have gotten fixed.

As stated in my blog a couple of days ago, I am putting a development freeze on the website until further notice. As this feature has already been developed, and just waiting for me to finish bug-resolutions (which I think I have gotten done), I want to push this feature out and get it out of my to-do-list.

Personally, I think the ability to create custom blog categories rocks.

For Christ's Ministry,
John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com

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