Removal of Blog Privacy Option

Greetings Bloggers,

In our continued effort to make the ChristianBlog.Com blog publishing process as simple and streamlined as possible, to reduce the overall complexity of our website, and because we have a lot of features that are almost never used - and some that are never used - over the course of the next few weeks ChristianBlog.Com will be removing a number of features from our website.

The first that will be removed is the 'Blog Privacy' option. This was a feature designed to allow bloggers to make their blogs viewable to (1) the entire world, (2) just their friends, or (3) just fellow CB bloggers.

In looking at the usage of this feature we have realized that it is simply not being used by enough of our bloggers to justify keeping it around and adding to the overall complexity of creating blogs.

Over the course of our website being online only 0.682% of the blogs published have used this feature.

A much larger percentage of our bloggers utilize the IgnoreList feature, which performs a much greater level of privacy control then what the blog privacy option ever provided.

Of the 0.682% of blogs that did use this blog privacy feature, it was interesting to note that almost 80% were marked as 'members viewable'. This further leads up to believe that those extremely rare times when this option was used, it was not used in the manner that the IgnoreList exists for, but rather to prevent the entire world from seeing a blog. We really do not have any solution to this issue, with the removal of this option, but again, given that less than one percent of overall blogs published here at ChristianBlog.Com were using this option, it accounts for a very small number of blogs.

We recommend that if you have any blogs that you have set to not be viewable to all that you either remove the blogs or consider making them public. We have put together a tool to help you with this process.

Thank you,