Shoutout Creation Revamped

Greetings all ChristianBlog.Com Members,

This is just a brief message to inform everybody that we have revamped the "Shoutouts" system, when creating/add a new shoutout.

We realized there were a number of small bugs and issues with the shoutouts creation process, so we have rewrote it from the ground-up.

Please post a response to this blog entry if you happen to come across any issues with the recent changes.

We should also formally announce at this time (it actually went into place a month or two ago) that Shoutouts no longer accept bbcode, smilies, website links, images, paragraph breaks, so forth and so on. We do realize this might come as a bummer to many people, and we are willing to allow public feedback about this change.

Our reason for this change is rather simple:

Of the ~18,000 shoutouts that our members have sent:

~93% of them have not contained any bbcode, smilies, links, etc.

Of the remaining ~7% of them:
~4.5% of them contained valid bbcode and smilies.
The rest of them were from people who had managed to by-pass our spam/advertisement filters.

So, at the end of the day we had to ask ourselves, "Is ~725 out of ~18,000 shoutouts that contain valid bbcode and smilies an acceptable number of shoutouts to justify no longer having bbcode and smilies, in an effort to further prohibit spammers and advertisers?"

And as everybody around here at ChristianBlog.Com knows... we loath spammers and advertisers! In fact, we recently worked some numbers and we discovered that 97.3% of members that have had their accounts suspended/terminated were because they were people who spammed the ChristianBlog.Com website! We really do take an aggressive stance against those who come here to post their advertisements about their latest books, or cds, or whatever.... and we take an even more aggressive stance against those who come to ChristianBlog.Com and use it to try to spam their way to utopia! We simply do not allow that type of posting behavior here at ChristianBlog.Com.

So, at the end of the day, we decided that disabling this feature for ~7% of those shoutouts that do use bbcode and smilies, was an acceptable number.

But, as I said above... if this makes our members unhappy, voice your unhappiness - and if enough outcry comes forth, we will consider our members opinions and make changes to reflect a middle-group that suites every bodies needs. (well, we'll try to at least)

Thank you,

Do not include honorifics.

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